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Man following train track into virtual world  1
Cybersecurity in the Metaverse: Is the Metaverse Secure and What Threatens It?

The metaverse comes with various cybersecurity problems, so how can they be fixed?

Google drive logo on laptop sitting in grass 1
How to See Who Has Access to Your Google Drive Files

If you've shared Google Drive files with a bunch of people, it can be easy to forget who exactly has access to which files.

Person calling using iPhone 12 1
What to Do if Your iPhone's Proximity Sensor Isn't Working

A faulty proximity sensor can cause accidental touch inputs during a phone call. So, follow this troubleshooting guide to resolve it quickly.

A monitor on a wooden table next to a printer 1
How to Fix a Slow Printer on Windows

Printers are already a headache without them printing slower than usual. Here's how to remedy it on Windows.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 on a gray table top 1
Fold vs. Flip: Which Is the Better Form Factor for Foldable Phones?

Do you want a larger device that opens up to resemble a tablet, or a smaller one that's more like a classic flip phone?

iphone wifi menu with a macbook in the background 1
How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password to a Mac

Want to connect your Mac to a Wi-Fi network that your other devices are connected to? You have multiple options.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 1
14 Adobe Lightroom Terms That Beginners Should Know

Reduce your Lightroom learning curve by making yourself familiar with these terms.

valorant game running on monitor 1
How to Fix FPS Drops and Boost Your Performance in Valorant for Windows

Improve your performance with these tips for Valorant on Windows.

Woman cooking a dish 1
How to Set Your Dietary Preferences With Alexa

Ensure the recipes that your Amazon device serves up are suitable for you with this nifty trick.

Prime Day Google Pixel 1
Best Google Pixel Deals: Pixel 7a Gets Its Best Price Ever, Pixel Tab Goes on Sale

Some Google Pixel devices still have those glorious Prime Day prices.

wondershare uniconverter 15 1
The Rust logo alongside an illustration of a stack of crates bearing the same logo 1
Documenting Your Rust Projects With mdBook

Good project documentation is a vital asset and mdBook will assist, with clean output and a well-organized structure.

EV Charger on a silver car 1
Is Your Electric Vehicle Charger a Security Risk?

Some EV chargers have been found to have security flaws. So is this really something you need to worry about?

Focused woman writing in clipboard while hiring candidate 1
6 Resume Red Flags to Avoid

Are there any resume red flags that could cost you your dream job? Here are some things you should watch out for.

Woman worried as she looks at laptop screen 1
10 Signs Criminals Have Stolen Your Identity

Fortunately, your identity is still yours, and there are things you can do to convince the right people that you are the real you.

Telegram logo on a blurred background 1
How to Play Games With Your Friends on Telegram

There are several games to choose from.

Phyleko ENF 1000S - Article 1
Phyleko ENF 1000S Portable Power Station: A Mixed Bag of Power and Design

A compact option with a unique design and good performance, but a few too many quirks and slow solar charging make this difficult to recommend.

Prime Day Mini PC (1) 1
The Best Mini PC Deals: Save Big on These Tiny Computers

Mini PCs are a fantastic addition to your desk, so pick one that's on sale.

hix ai feature 1
A Windows Laptop on a Wooden Table 1
Drag and Drop Not Working in Windows 11? Try These Fixes

Is the drag and drop feature not working on your Windows computer? Here are some quick and easy ways to fix it.

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