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Adaeze Uche-Contributing Writer for Technology Explained

Adaeze Uche

Contributing Writer for Technology Explained

About Adaeze Uche

Ada is a communications graduate who writes and edits tech, cybersecurity, and crypto articles. She's written several tech pieces on websites like MEXC Blog and MakeUseOf. And when she's not working, she'll likely be burrowed into a book.?

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stack of files on a table 1
How to Eliminate Paper Clutter and Organize Your Life Digitally

Tired of looking for important documents? Learn how to digitize your papers and organize your life digitally.

A cell phone displaying a stock chart on a red background 1
How Crypto Press Releases Impact Prices

Cryptocurrencies are infamous for their volatility, but your worst nightmare is when everyone decides to abandon ship at once.

Close-up of a Printed Photo beside an Epson Printer 1
What Is a Sublimation Printer and What Can You Do With One?

Sublimation printers produce colorful and durable designs. Discover how they work to better harness their potential for your creative projects.

OpenAI Logo on Phone Screen 1
Everything You Need to Know About OpenAI

You've likely heard of OpenAI. But where did this company start, and what does it aim to do?

Woman smiling at a smartphone 1
How to Protect Your Devices During Extreme Heat

Feeling the heat? Your devices are too.

NFT word image 1
What Is an NFT Floor Price?

Anyone can create NFTs, but not everyone can sell them.

A person holding Apple Magic Mouse and clicking 1
5 Things You Should Do if You Accidentally Click on a Suspicious Link

It happens to the best of us. Keep calm, take a breath, and follow these steps to stay safe.

Person using Slack on Mobile and Web 1
How Slack Canvas Can Improve Your Workflow

Tired of searching through Slack messages? Slack Canvas can help you organize your work and improve your workflow.

Analog clock at 12 am 1
6 Ways Timestamps Enhance Data Security in Digital Systems

Data marking the date and time of creation and amendments to files can be vital in file management and in preventing fraud.

A person using online payment 1
8 Pros and Cons of a Single Digital ID System

Having one unifying digital ID could help streamline online activities and help inclusion. Or it could have the exact opposite effect.

A cursor on a black background 1
4 Reasons Why You Should Hover Over Links Before Clicking

We're used to trusting a link will lead to a safe destination. But that's not always the case. Hovering your cursor over anchor text can help.

A phone screen displaying apps 1
How to Check if Your Phone Has an AMOLED or LCD Screen

Unsure about the screen on your smartphone?

polygon logo on purple exploding background with other logos 1
What Is Polygon's AI Copilot and How Does It Work?

Polygon has a new AI tool to play with, and this is how it works.

miniature figures stood around nft letters feature 1
What Are Phygital NFTs, and How Do They Work?

There are so many different types of NFTs, so how are phygital NFTs different?

chatgpt logo on colourful background feature 1
5 Reasons Why Companies Are Banning ChatGPT

More and more companies are banning ChatGPT in the workplace, but what's behind the bans?

Bitcoin technology concept with circuit diagram 1
5 Risks and Issues With the Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is meant to speed up the Bitcoin network, but it has its own issues.

Person holding smartphone close to a payment terminal 1
7 Security Risks You Need to Be Aware of When Using NFC

Many of us use near-field communication tech without even realizing it. But cybercriminals are fully aware and exploit NFC to hack your device.

wooden blocks with api and other logos feature 1
What Is an API and What Are They Used For?

You've likely come across the term API before while browsing the web. Keep reading to find out what an API is and how they might be used.

The profiles tab on Netflix 1
How Does Netflix Know Which Device You're Using?

Netflix takes many different factors into account to know which device you're using and to provide a better experience for you.

Laptop displaying YouTube homepage 1
What Determines What YouTube Displays on Your Feed?

Ever wonder how YouTube decides what to display on your feed? The secret lies in the algorithm and how it learns about what you like to watch.

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