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Amir M. Bohlooli-Senior Writer | Junior Editor for Productivity

Amir M. Bohlooli

Senior Writer | Junior Editor for Productivity

About Amir M. Bohlooli

Amir is a writer and junior editor at MUO. His love for writing and an affinity for organizing information took him to primarily write in the Productivity vertical. He enjoys driving, listening to music, and gaming in his free time. Amir has been writing tech articles for over 4 years and is currently pursuing a PharmD.

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Obsidian logo with a paintbrush 1
How to Install Themes in Obsidian

Want to change the look and feel of your Obsidian notes? Here's how to install themes in minutes.

Telegram logo on a blurred background 1
How to Play Games With Your Friends on Telegram

There are several games to choose from.

video streaming from smartphone with red play logo feature 1
How to Livestream on YouTube

Want to go live on YouTube? Let's show you how to do it using both your computer and your smartphone.

ChatGPT logo on a blurred background 1
How to Write Persuasive Proposals With ChatGPT

Want to write a proposal that gets results? ChatGPT can help you craft a persuasive and engaging document that will win over your clients.

Excel logo with a chain link on it 1
How to Use the CONCATENATE and CONCAT Functions to Join Text in Excel

Do you need to combine text strings in Excel? Learn how to use the CONCATENATE and CONCAT functions in this quick guide.

A Laptop On A Desk In An Apartment 1
How to Fix the "Another User on This Device Uses This Microsoft Account" Error on Windows

Do you have a phantom user on your PC that's using your Microsoft account? Here's how to get rid of it.

Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 1
Polestar 2 vs. Tesla Model 3: Which Affordable Premium EV Is Best?

The Polestar 2 is probably the Tesla Model 3's biggest rival, yet it's quite a different and more traditional proposition.

Paper with Presentation printed on it. 1
How to Create and Format Handouts in PowerPoint

Need to create handouts for your next presentation? Here's how to do it in PowerPoint easily.

Excel logo with a progressing graph watermark. 1
7 Essential Excel Functions for Small Business Owners

Want to take your small business to the next level? Learn the essential Excel functions that will help you save time and money.

Discord and Carlbot logos 1
How to Make Reaction Roles on Discord Using Carl-bot

Make assigning roles easier on Discord by using Carl-bot to create reaction roles.

Word logo with line numbers 1
How to Add Line Numbers in Microsoft Word

Need to keep track of your lines in Microsoft Word? Here's how to add line numbers in just a few clicks.

Obsidian logo with a math notation underneath 1
How to Write Mathematical Notations in Obsidian

Do you need to write math in Obsidian? Here's how to do it easily and efficiently.

Excel logo with the TEXT function icon under it. 1
How to Format Numbers, Dates, and Times in Excel With the TEXT Function

Want to make your Excel data look more professional? Learn how to format numbers, dates, and times with the TEXT function.

Obsidian logo on a background 1
How to Install Obsidian Plugins

Obsidian plugins can make your note-taking experience even better. Here's how to install them.

Google Slides logo on a background 1
How to Create Vertical Presentations in Google Slides

Want to create a vertical presentation in Google Slides that can be viewed on your phone's screen or in portrait orientation? Here's how to do it!

NotebookLM's logo on a note. 1
Google Reimagines Notetaking With the AI-Powered NotebookLM

Is Google set to upend the world of notetaking as we know it?

Tesla Model 3 next to a Tesla Destination Charger 1
What Is a Tesla Destination Charger?

The network of Tesla Destination Chargers has over 40,000 individual stalls located in hotels, resorts, and shopping centers around the world.

PS5 controller with red circles as sticks. 1
How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift for Good

By adding an anti-drift mod board, you can solve your PS5 controller drift issues once and for all. Here's how to do it.

Excel logo with a help box under it. 1
How to Improve Your Formulas With the Argument Assistance Card in Excel Web

Tired of making mistakes in your Excel formulas? Learn how to use the Argument Assistance Card to write more accurate formulas in Excel Web.

Reddit logo with spoiler alert 1
How to Do Spoilers on Reddit

Want to add the spoiler filter to your Reddit comment or post? Here's how to do a spoiler warning on Reddit...

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