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Cheryl Vaughn-Senior Writer for Android

Cheryl Vaughn

Senior Writer for Android

About Cheryl Vaughn

Cheryl is a Senior Writer at MakeUseOf. She has penned over a hundred articles on MUO covering a wide range of topics.

With a passion for gadgets and technology that dates back to? 2001, she has constantly explored the latest in tech trends - and is committed to providing readers with in-depth and unbiased coverage of the industry.

In addition to her extensive writing experience, Cheryl holds online certifications in Content Strategy from UC Davis.

With a strong background in investment, content strategy, and social media, and more, she's explored diverse genres—from digital media to fitness to personal finance, and more.?

Cheryl loves listening to music while going on walks or exploring new places.

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woman sleeping with her phone nearby 1
The 7 Best Free Sleep Apps to Help You Get to Sleep

Sleep is crucial for both mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. You don't need expensive equipment to fall asleep, either.

Messaging a New User Name Christian on WhatsApp 1
How to Make a Call on WhatsApp

Here's everything you need to know about making a phone call on WhatsApp.

Icons of social media apps on an Android device 1
How to Find Old Social Media Posts: 7 Tools to Use

Here are some tools that make it easier to browse your old social media posts.

find-linked-accounts 1
8 Ways to Find All Accounts Linked to Your Email Address or Phone Number

Find all accounts linked to the email address or your phone with these methods and ensure your data does not get misused online.

ChatGPT logo on top of a mindmap concept 1
How to Brainstorm Ideas With a Mindmap and ChatGPT

You can use the power of AI and mind mapping to build new ideas and create something unique. Here's how.

openai chatgpt on android phone 1
How to Get a Voice-Controlled Version of ChatGPT on Android With VoiceGPT

VoiceGPT lets you control ChatGPT on your Android phone just by speaking to it. Here's how to get started with the AI app.

A female typing on laptop in workplace 1
50+ Ways to Use Technology to Stay Happy and Healthy at Work

Don't overlook the importance of your health and wellbeing in the workplace. Use these technology-based tips to stay happy.

Tubi TV logo 1
What Is Tubi? The Best Free Streaming Service You're Not Using

It has lots of docuseries, movies, and TV shows for you to watch for free.

An Android phone sitting on the edge of a table. 1
How to Turn Off TalkBack on Android Devices

Here are three ways to disable TalkBack on Android: with the settings, without settings, and by using Google Assistant.

samsung smartwatch 1
Which Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers Have Fall Detection?

Fall detection is an important feature to consider when shopping for wearable tech. These are the smartwatches and fitness trackers that can do it.

young man listening to music on mobile phone with headphones on 1
7 Ways to Boost the Sound Quality From Your Android Device

From changing your device settings to giving your headphones a tune-up, it's simple to get better sound quality from your Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic on the wrist 1
How to Control Your Google Home Devices With a Samsung Galaxy Watch

It's easy to set up your Google Home-compatible devices to work with a Samsung Galaxy Watch and Google Assistant.

Small orange and silver robot sitting on carpeted floor with a laptop in front of it. 1
8 Practical Ways You Can Put Auto-GPT to Use

Although we're still getting to grips with Auto-GPT, it already has a heap of practical uses.

A laptop computer with clouds on the screen 1
The 5 Best Cloud Backup Alternatives to Google Drive and Dropbox

While Google Drive and Dropbox are popular cloud backup tools, what if you're looking for another option? Here are five of the best alternatives.

samsung smartwatch 1
6 Ways ChatGPT Can Revolutionize Smartwatches

Can ChatGPT change our relationships with our smartwatches?

Library bookshelf 1
11 Tips to Choose the Perfect Book as a Gift

If you're trying to choose the perfect book as a gift, you might be struggling on how to find one. Luckily, you can use these tips to help.

Smart TV screen showing a list of apps 1
10 Tips for New Android TV Users

Whether you're a new Android TV user or not, these tips will take your experience to the next level.

reddit-useful-hacks 1
10 Awesome Reddit Hacks You Should Try Right Now

Can you make your Reddit experience even better? Of course you can – just follow these neat hacks!

Person recording his blood pressure levels 1
How to Maintain a Healthy Heart Using Tech

With the help of a few apps and smart gadgets, you can keep better track of your heart health and take steps to improve it.

Visualizing routes on a map 1
How to Use Strava's Global Heatmap Feature

Here's how to view a global heat map of Strava user activity online and use it to plan and analyze workout routes.

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