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Damir Mujezinovic-Staff Writer for Security

Damir Mujezinovic

Staff Writer for Security

About Damir Mujezinovic

Damir is a freelance writer and reporter whose work focuses on cybersecurity and online privacy. Damir has a background in content writing and digital journalism, and has written for various online publications since 2017, with his work being cited by numerous think tanks and reputable media organizations. Outside of writing, Damir enjoys reading, music, and film.

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Threads logo on black background 1
Is Threads Safe? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, doesn't have a great track record when it comes to privacy, so is Threads private and secure enough to use?

Discord logo on purple background 1
Worried About Your Kids on Discord? Here’s What You Can Do to Keep Them Safe

What started out as a gaming platform has evolved into a thriving diverse community that kids use too. So how can you keep your children safe?

Screenshot of the Google homepage, with arrow and extension symbol  1
5 Hidden Dangers of Browser Extensions

Browser add-ons can greatly enhance your online experience, but they can also be threats to your security and privacy.

Discord logo on light purple background 1
Is Discord Safe to Use? Here's What You Need to Know

You might be skeptical of all social networks, so does Discord deserve such ire? Is it secure for you to use or are there security and privacy issues?

Skrill logo on dark purple background 1
Is Skrill Safe? Can You Trust It With Your Money?

Skrill is a popular online payment service that even lets you buy and sell crypto. But is it actually secure?

Blurred screenshot of the MUO homepage with password and lock symbol 1
Saving Passwords In Your Browser? You Shouldn't: Here's Why

Has Chrome, Edge, or another browser given you the option to "save password"? Here's why you shouldn't, and what to do instead.

Yahoo logo is seen on a purple background with faded mail symbol 1
Don’t Fall for This Yahoo Mail Phishing Scam

Received a warning email from Yahoo? It might be a phishing scam. Here's what you need to know.

Desktop computer with AI symbol and illustration  1
AI Content Detectors Don’t Work, and That’s a Big Problem

Looking to check whether something has been created by artificial intelligence? Detectors often don't work and that's bad news for your security.

Laptop screen with 18+ sign 1
What Is Pornware? Here's Everything You Need to Know

You don't have to visit adult NSFW websites to be targeted by pornware. In fact, it can affect everyone. So what can you do about pornware?

Smartphone with signal illustration  1
What Happens When Your Phone Spies on You?

Do you think someone is tracking your smartphone? Is it infected with spyware? Here are some red flags that indicate someone might be spying on you.

ChatGPT logo on dark green background  1
Is ChatGPT a Big Privacy Risk?

What does ChatGPT know about you? Even if you've never used the artificial intelligence service, it may have more of your data than you realize.

ChatGPT logo on purple background  1
Does ChatGPT Have Any Security Issues?

Many of us use ChatGPT frivolously, but it comes with serious security and privacy issues that you need to know about.

Woman typing on her smartphone 1
Think Your Partner Is Spying on You With Stalkerware? Here's What to Do

Spyware can be used by hackers, or even by loved ones. How can you tell if someone is tracking you? And what can you do about it?

Microphone symbol seen on an illustration of sound waves 1
Are AI Voice Generators the Next Big Security Threat?

Artificial intelligence can sound like the President. Or it can sound like you or me. So what cybersecurity risk does AI voice cloning software pose?

YouTube logo on black background  1
The 7 Best YouTube Channels About Cybersecurity

Whether you're a newbie or an industry pro, brushing up on your cybersecurity knowledge using YouTube videos is always a great idea.

Paysera logo on white background  1
Is Paysera Safe? Here's What You Should Know

Paysera is a financial service that lets you send and receive money online, but can you trust it with your cash?

Graphic illustration of a spy figure with the word spyware  1
5 Kinds of Spyware You Need to Know About

Your PC, smartphone, and other devices can all be spied on. Spyware isn't always installed by hackers either. Here's what you need to know.

Free trial banner and a mouse pointer on white background  1
Free Trial Scams: What Are They and How Can You Avoid Them?

Have you signed up with a company that offers you a free trial period? They come with a lot of caveats, so be careful you don't get scammed.

Google Chrome logo and hand on black background  1
What Is Browser Hijacking and How Can You Protect Yourself From It?

Noticed something funny going on with your browser? You might've fallen victim to a browser hijacker. Here's what you need to know.

Wise logo seen on light green background 1
Is Wise Safe to Use? Here's What You Need to Know

Previously known as TransferWise, many of us trust our money to Wise, but is it actually secure? How can you protect your Wise account further?

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