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Danny Maiorca-Writer + Junior Editor

Danny Maiorca

Writer + Junior Editor

About Danny Maiorca

Danny specializes in writing about productivity and also enjoys exploring different creative disciplines, especially photography. He has a degree in Sports Journalism and has been writing professionally since 2016. Danny is also a member of MUO's editorial team, and in his spare time, he's a part-time travel writer.?

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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 1
14 Adobe Lightroom Terms That Beginners Should Know

Reduce your Lightroom learning curve by making yourself familiar with these terms.

social media apps on phone 1
4 Social Media Detox Mistakes You Should Avoid

Taking a break from social media? Here are some mistakes you should avoid so that your detox is as beneficial as possible.

woman writing on desk with laptop in front of her 1
9 Essential Steps for Starting a New Blog: A Blog Launch Checklist

To ensure a smooth start for your blog, complete these steps before the launch.

iPhone Charging with an iPad to the left 1
Why You Should Charge Your Phone Outside Your Room

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night to check your phone? Here's why you should charge it outside your room.

A street scene in Tokyo 1
7 Tips for Being Less Intrusive With Your Street Photography

As exciting and beautiful as street photography is, it can also be invasive. These tips will help you navigate the streets in a respectful manner.

man holding camera 1
4 Signs You've Become Complacent as a Photographer (and What to Do About It)

It's easy to get stuck in your ways when you've been taking photos for a while. But there are steps you can take to overcome complacency.

Person on phone with Canva open 1
9 Types of Content That Online Creators Can Make With Canva

From creating a podcast cover, to putting together an Instagram post for your photography business, to editing videos, Canva has you covered.

a content creator engaging with audience 1
7 Reasons Why Content Creators Shouldn't Start Their Careers on Social Media

You might want to reconsider trying to grow your brand on social media, it's not all it's hyped up to be.

Photo of a photographer using their camera 1
VSCO Free vs. Plus: Is It Worth Upgrading?

If you feel like the free version of VSCO doesn't serve you anymore, upgrading to VSCO Plus might be worth considering.

sell-photos-online 1
How to Sell Your Photos Online: 15 Places

Here are the best places to sell photos online when you've taken photos you think people would be willing to pay for.

Extreme close up of the Pinterest app icon on a phone screen 1
6 Tips for Driving More Website Traffic With Pinterest

With a few handy tips, you can learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and help more people discover your work.

Person Using iPad on Table With Camera and Laptop 1
10 iPad Apps That Every Photographer Should Use

With these valuable apps, your iPad can be an excellent companion for creative tasks and aid your photography workflow.

a woman holding a camera and taking photos of someone else with a cliff in the background 1
7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Camera Lens for Your Blog Photos

Using your own photos for your blog will make you stand out. But you need the right lens to capture good pictures. Here's what to consider.

Photo of a person using Instagram on their smartphone 1
Instagram vs. Pinterest: Which Platform Is Better for Beginner Bloggers?

Growing an audience on a social media platform is essential for bloggers. So should you get started on Instagram? Or is Pinterest the better option?

Photographer with camera 1
8 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress to Build Your Photography Website

There are many benefits to choosing WordPress for building your photography website.

photo collage on wooden surface 1
7 Unique Ways to Showcase Your Portfolio as a Photographer

There are plenty of ways to showcase your photography outside your own website. Try these unique methods that will also get your creativity flowing!

Photo of a person using Instagram on their smartphone 1
How to Improve Your Storytelling in Your Instagram Posts: 7 Tips

Improving your storytelling on Instagram will show your content in a better light and foster a better connection with your audience.

Image of Notion homepage against wallpaper 1
How to Navigate the Redesigned Notion Template Interface

In 2023, Notion's template interface received a significant facelift. Here's how to navigate the redesigned marketplace within Notion.

Flat Lay Photography of Camera, Book, Pencil, Bag 1
How to Take Better Breaks as a Freelancer: 8 Tips

Are you a freelancer who always seems to be working? Learn how to take better breaks to improve your productivity and well-being.

photo of a camera, lenses, and some books on a table 1
7 Ways Bloggers Can Speed Up Their Photography Workflow

Using your own photos for your blog will make it more unique. But photography and editing can be time-consuming, so implement these workflow tips.

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