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Digvijay Kumar-Staff Writer for Windows

Digvijay Kumar

Staff Writer for Windows

About Digvijay Kumar

Digvijay is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for writing about technology topics. He's been writing since 2016 and he loves it. Aside from solving problems, he enjoys tinkering with gadgets.

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A woman using a desktop computer 1
How to Install Microsoft PowerToys on Windows 11

The standard Windows experience is not enough for power users. Here's how you can install Microsoft PowerToys for enhanced productivity.

A silver laptop on a wooden table 1
8 Ways to Check Which Intel Processor Generation You Have on Windows

Do you know what generation your Intel processor comes from? Here's how to check on Windows.

Screensaver on Windows Laptop 1
How to Stop Users From Changing the Screensaver on Windows

If you've got your screensaver set up just the way you like it, here's how to stop others from tampering with it while you're away.

person using a windows laptop 1
7 Ways to Open the AppsFolder in Windows 11

Sometimes you need access to AppsFolder for troubleshooting purposes. Here's how to find it on Windows 11.

A Laptop On A Desk In An Apartment 1
6 Ways to Restore Missing Windows Time Service

Bring the time back to Windows with this guide.

Wlanext.exe High CPU Usage on Windows 1
How to Fix Wlanext.exe's High CPU Usage on Windows

If the wlanext.exe process is taking up a lot of your CPU, it can be due to a lot of different reasons. Here's how to fix it.

A laptop on a table showing time 1
Can’t Set the Time Zone Automatically in Windows? Try These Fixes

Make Windows do all the hard work by making it automatically set the time zone.

A laptop with Windows 11 desktop wallpaper  1
Can’t Open the Credential Manager on Windows? Try These Fixes

here's how to get the Credential Manager working again and get back to your passwords.

Task Manager window on top of other windows 1
How to Change the Task Manager Start Page in Windows 11

Want to open Task Manager on a different page? Here's how to do that.

sticky-notes-windows 1
How to Open Sticky Notes at Startup on Windows

Don't make a sticky note to remind you to open Sticky Notes on startup; have Windows do the hard work for you.

A woman working on a Windows laptop 1
How to Fix the “You Don’t Have Permission to View This File” Error on Windows

Is Windows telling you you're not allowed to see your own files? Here's how to stop that.

A Windows laptop is placed on a wooden table 1
5 Ways to Access the Startup Folder in Windows

Customize what apps load on boot with the Windows startup folder.

Clicking the settings option on a PC 1
9 Ways to Open the Sound Settings in Windows 11

Want to adjust your audio settings on Windows 11? We have a guide for that.

A person using multiple PC screens 1
How to Connect Remote Desktop Without a Password in Windows 11

If you've no need for the remote desktop password, here's how to get rid of it.

security-questions 1
How to Disable Local Account Security Questions on Windows 11

If you have no need for security questions on your Windows 11 accounts, here's how to get rid of them.

A black Asus laptop on a wooden table displaying digital clock 1
How to Stop Windows Users From Changing the Date and Time

Your computer probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so here's how to "lock in" the date and time on Windows.

Google Meet logo on a computer 1
Can’t Use Your Microphone on Google Meet for Windows? Here's Why

Google Meet isn't quite so useful when you can't use your microphone. Here's how to fix it on Windows.

A black laptop placed on a sofa with a OneDrive logo open on it 1
How to Fix the OneDrive Sign In Error 0x8004dec5 on Windows 11

OneDrive is a lot less useful if you can't sign in. Here's how to solve that.

A laptop screen displays the time 1
Has Time Synchronization Failed on Windows? Try These Fixes

Get your Windows clock back on schedule with this guide.

Man Using Touchpad on Laptop 1
How to Fix Touchpad Gestures Not Working in Windows

Touchpad gestures are a handy way to get around your operating system, so if they stop working, it can be a huge hassle.

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