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Elvis Gwaro-Contributor for Tech Explained

Elvis Gwaro

Contributor for Tech Explained

About Elvis Gwaro

Elvis is a technical content writer specializing in cryptocurrency. He's also an avid investor in several cryptocurrencies and a part-time NFT collector.?

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Unstoppable Domains Brave Chrome and Firefox logo on a cloudy mountain background 1
How to Access Unstoppable Domains Websites in Your Browser

Unstoppable Domains host Web3 websites, but they're not quite as easy to access. Here's how you can visit them in your regular browser.

storj arweave filecoin logos with filing cabinet background feature 1
Filecoin vs. Arweave vs. Storj: Which Decentralized Storage Is Best?

Decentralized storage is a viable alternative to cloud storage, but what's the best option?

An NFT 3d icon next to Cardano coins 1
How to Mint an NFT on Cardano (ADA)

Ethereum isn't the only NFT blockchain.

Three dices labled NFT and Cardano Coin on 2 subsequent sides 1
The Top 7 Cardano NFT Marketplaces

NFTs are still trading worldwide, and these Cardano NFT marketplaces are leading the way.

A photo of ChatGPT interface on a smartphone and PC 1
The 10 Best ChatGPT Crypto Prompts

Learn how to use ChatGPT to help you understand crypto better.

ChatGPT 3d logo capped by a bitcoin labled socket 1
The 8 Best Crypto ChatGPT Plugins

Crypto is big. ChatGPT is blowing up. What if you combined them into one awesome package?

A fitting puzzle with 2 parts labled IPFS and Web3 1
The 7 Benefits of IPFS That Make It the Future of the Web

IPFS is slowly but surely gaining ground online, and there are numerous reasons it'll be the future of the web.

IPFS logo with a globe background 1
How to Set Up and Use IPFS

Want to use IPFS but not sure how to get started? We've got you covered!

A person holding up a smartphone with a social media platform open 1
7 Blockchain-Based Social Media Platforms to Try Out

Combine your love of crypto and social media into a neat little package.

Solana Marketplaces 1
The 10 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

Solana has had its ups and downs, but its NFT scene is going strong.

hand holding a bitcoin with a flowery background 1
6 Surprising Ways Bitcoin Mining Benefits the Environment

Wait, Bitcoin is good for the environment?

An illustration of interconnected blocks forming a blockchain 1
The Top 7 Decentralized Identity Protocols

Protecting your identity and private data will only get easier with decentralized identity protocols.

decentralized identity 1
5 Ways Decentralized Identity Will Impact the Internet and Our Privacy

Your data is not in your hands, and these decentralized identity projects want to change that.

blockchain storage solutions feature 1
The Top 10 Blockchain-Based Storage Platforms

The world of online storage options is expansive, and these are some of the best blockchain-based options available.

Young plant growing from ground covered with cryptocurrencies 1
7 Sustainable Cryptocurrencies That Are Much Greener Than Bitcoin

Can any cryptocurrency really be eco-friendly? These Bitcoin alternatives are certainly giving it a go.

a picture showing polygon tokens 1
What Polygon 2.0 Is and What to Expect From It

It's the most popular Ethereum Layer 2 solution, and its getting a major overhaul.

web3 in binary code feature 1
Web3 vs. Web 3.0: What's the Difference?

Similar names, different focus.

lady using computer 1
What Is the UseChatGPT Copilot Extension and What Can It Do?

UseChatGPT is a handy copilot extension for the popular AI chatbot. But what exactly can it do? Here's everything that you need to know.

Person access social media while generating cryptocurrency 1
What Is Social Mining and How Can It Benefit You?

Social mining offers users some great benefits, but how does it work?

Ethereum symbol on a podium with a robot beside 1
What Is the Ethereum MEV Bot Scam & How Can You Avoid It?

Crypto scams are everywhere, and they're growing in sophistication.

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