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Hannah Knight-Contributing Writer

Hannah Knight

Contributing Writer

About Hannah Knight

Hannah is a contributing writer at MakeUseOf. She currently attends Eastern New Mexico University as a computer science major. She focuses on writing about Linux and other subjects in technology because she believes in making technology accessible for all.

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github octocat stickers laid across table 1
How to Protect Your Project From GitHub RepoJacking

Apps that use old repository names on GitHub as dependencies might actually be leading users to malware. Here's what you need to know.

man types on laptop with phone on desk beside it 1
service vs. systemctl in Linux: What Are the Differences?

If you want to know more about init systems, it's important to first understand the systemctl and service commands and their underlying differences.

man reclines and looks at laptop in brightly illuminated room 1
Can Deleting Browser Cookies Prevent Session Hijacking?

Regularly deleting cookies doesn't fully eliminate the risk, but it greatly improves your odds of staying safe.

man uses a drawing tablet to illustrate on laptop 1
How to Color Faster in Krita Using the Colorize Mask Feature

Coloring your art can be a tedious process. But Krita's Colorize Mask feature makes it a breeze.

viewing scan results after running pc repair utility 1
Why Do Antiviruses Have Scanning Exclusions?

You can stop your antivirus suite from scanning certain files and directories, but should you? What are the pros and cons of doing this?

iPhone on top of a Magic Keyboard 1
How to Fix Error 4013 While Updating or Restoring Your iPhone

Are you getting an error 4013 pop-up in iTunes or Finder when attempting to update or restore your iPhone? Here's what you need to do.

LibreOffice Logo on an orange background 1
The 11 Most Annoying Bugs Fixed in LibreOffice 7.5.5

Are you tired of LibreOffice's annoying bugs? Here are some of the most annoying bugs that have been fixed in LibreOffice 7.5.5.

laptop running kali linux illuminates a dark room 1
How to Fix the "hash sum mismatch" Error When Updating Kali Linux

Getting the "hash sum mismatch" error when updating packages on Kali Linux? Here's how you can fix it.

calculator displaying the results of several equations 1
Can ChatGPT Solve Math Problems?

ChatGPT is pretty powerful, and can handle most tasks that you throw at it. But can it solve math problems? Here, we examine different problems.

laptop sits idle beside papers and cup of coffee 1
How to Disable Auto-Suspend in Linux

Keep your laptop's display always on by disabling auto-suspend using these Linux commands.

Shure SM7B next to iPhone 1
How to Use an External USB Microphone With Your iPhone

You can dramatically improve the quality of your audio recordings by connecting an external USB mic to your iPhone. We'll teach you how to set one up.

hand inserts flash drive into laptop 1
How to Fix the “Error Splicing File: File Too Large” Error in Linux

Here's what you should do if you encounter the "Error splicing file: file too large" error when copying files between two drives on Linux.

tired man works on laptop 1
How to Fix the “No Root File System Is Defined” Error in Linux

Is the "no root file system is defined" error not letting you install Linux on your PC? Here are three ways to get rid of this error message.

man wearing earbuds listens to music with laptop 1
Can You Run iTunes on a Chromebook? Yes, Here’s How!

Listen to your favorite music locally by installing iTunes on your Chromebook.

man working on laptop stands next to networking equipment 1
The 6 Best Linux Distros for Network Engineers

Linux-powered OSes are fantastic for network-related tasks, but out of thousands of available Linux distros, which one should you choose?

closeup view of a computer hard disk drive 1
The 6 Best File Systems for Installing Linux

Which file system should you choose when installing a new Linux distro? Let's take a look at some of the best options.

person views video on their laptop 1
7 Creative Things You Can Do With OpenShot Video Editor

Creating videos with interesting effects couldn't be easier in OpenShot Video Editor.

bootable usb plugged into desktop computer 1
How to Install and Test the Upcoming All-Snap Ubuntu Desktop

Canonical is yet to officially release the Snap-only version of Ubuntu. Until then, you can try out the all-Snap Ubuntu in a virtual environment.

red hat restricting rhel source code 1
4 Ways Red Hat's Source Code Restrictions Affect Other Distros

Red Hat's decision to restrict RHEL's source code affects other Linux distributions in several ways. Let's look at some of them.

girl studies on laptop 1
Anki vs. Quizlet: Which Flashcard App Is Better for Studying?

Flashcards can be handy when it comes to studying. But with plenty of tools around, which should you use? Here, we compare Anki and Quizlet.

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