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James Bruce

Hardware Reviews Editor

About James Bruce

James has a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and is CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified. When he's not busy as Hardware Reviews Editor, he enjoys LEGO, VR, and board games. Before joining MakeUseOf, he was a lighting technician, English teacher, and data center engineer.

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ecoflow powerstream featured-1 1
EcoFlow PowerStream Review: The World's First "Balcony Solar Plant"

Don't have room for rooftop solar and battery installation? The PowerStream might be just what you need: a cost-effective and DIY installation.

insta360 go 3 featured 1
Insta360 Go 3: Tiny but Versatile All-in-One Vlogging, Lifelogging, and Action Camera

This tiny action cam offers one-touch recording, while the discreet design allows for great POV shots, along with easy-to-use AI editing features.

ecoflow wave 2 featured-1 1
EcoFlow Wave 2: World's First Portable Heat Pump

No doubt it's a premium option, but if you need a portable aircon that can both heat and cool anywhere, this is it.

xinfrared x2 featured image-1 1
Xinfrared X2 Review: Add Thermal Night Vision to ANY Smartphone

Affordable, detailed thermal USB-C monocular with a versatile mounting system — the X2 is perfect for pest control or as part of your toolkit.

govee curtain lights featured-1 1
Govee Curtain Lights: An Entire Wall of Flashy LEDs

An innovative addition to the Govee line up, but you'd need quite an imagination to know what half the animations are.

lumepad 2 featured-1 1
Lume Pad 2: AI-Powered 3D Tablet is Amazing, and Weird

The Lume Pad 2 features incredible hardware and in the right conditions, a stunning 3D experience. Yet it struggles to find a compelling purpose.

goovis g3 max personal cinema review featured-1-1 1
Goovis G3 Max Personal Cinema Display: The Best Private Big Screen Experience Yet

With 1440p per eye and up to 120Hz refresh rate, this versatile display can be your own private IMAX-like cinema or a desktop monitor replacement.

bluetti ac180 review featured-1 1
Bluetti AC180 Review: Big Power, Medium Capacity Solar Generator for the RV Life

With a larger than average capacity of 1152Wh, the standout features is 1800W of continuous output for those high power needs.

engwe m20 featured-1 1
Engwe M20 Fat Tire "eBike" Review: A Superb Budget Version of a Super73

A robust and stylish fat tire ebike, with dual battery option for extended range, superior power, and gorgeous design, at an affordable price point

ecoflow glacier editors choice 1
EcoFlow Glacier Review: The Ultimate Ice-Making Portable Party Cooler

Fridge, freezer, it makes ice, and it can even stay running on solar power. This thing is amazing.

govee outdoor lights permanent awarded editors choice 1
Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Review: Don't Buy Holiday Lights Again Until You've Seen These

These stunning and versatile outdoor lights are pricey, but worth every penny. Never put up holiday lights again!

bluetti ac60 featured-1 1
Bluetti AC60 Review: Rugged, Expandable, Portable Battery

Versatile, portable, and durable—the AC60 and B80 are your ideal companions for off-grid living and adventures.

mobile pixels geminos - featured-1 1
Mobile Pixels Geminos: Dual Stacked 24" Monitors for Productivity

There's no denying it's a productivity boost. But you could DIY the same with better gaming-level displays for much less, minor the folding hinges.

ugreen powerroam 1200 and sc200 featured-1 1
Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 and SC200 Solar Panels: Stellar Mid-Size Portable Backup Battery

App connectivity, long-lasting LFP cells, and great value make this an almost perfect 1024Wh power station and solar combo.

donner b1 featured-1 1
Donner B1 Bass Synth: Get Squelchy With This Low-Cost TB-303 Clone

The Donner B1 is an affordable analog bass synth echoing the iconic Roland TB-303. Perfect for live performances and beginners to learn on.

biolite campstove 2 plus editors choice 1
Charge Your Smartphone With Fire: BioLite CampStove 2+ Review

Charge your phone outdoors with renewable biomass while you cook dinner. Compact and efficient, ideal for camping, prepping, and outdoor adventures.

biolite emergency kit featured-1 1
Biolite BaseCharge Home Emergency Kit: Great Value Prepping Package for Power and Lighting

While technologically nothing groundbreaking, the emergency kit offers minimum fuss and simple functionality at a great value price.

kugoo kirin g3 pro featured-1 1
Kugoo Kirin G3 Pro Review: Affordable All-Terrain Escooter With Dual 1200W Motors

Experience the power of the KuKirin G3 Pro e-scooter with dual 1200W motors, incredible off-road capabilities, and unmatched value for thrill-seekers.

sylvox deck pro 55 - featured-1 1
Sylvox 55-inch Deck Pro Outdoor TV: The Ultimate Backyard Entertainment Solution?

Perfect for your backyard or entertainment venue, the Sylvox Deck Pro offers a Netflix-certified Android TV OS in a ruggedized, weatherproof package.

switchbot hub 2 featured-1 1
SwitchBot Hub 2 Review: Matter Comes to SwitchBot

It's an improvement on the previous Hub Mini, and thanks to Matter support, now works with HomeKit... sort of. Matter is far from ready, yet.

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