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Joe Keeley-Deputy Editor for Electric Vehicles, Smart Home, and Wellness

Joe Keeley

Deputy Editor for Electric Vehicles, Smart Home, and Wellness

About Joe Keeley

Joe is a Deputy Editor at MUO. He has a Business degree and over a decade of professional writing and editing experience.

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Microsoft Office logos with down arrows 1
How to Legally Download Office 2021, 2019, or 2016 Free From Microsoft

With a Microsoft Office product key, you can easily download the installation files directly from Microsoft. Learn how to get it now!

elgato stream deck 1
Which Elgato Stream Deck Model Should You Buy?

If you've got your eye on the Elgato Stream Deck, you should know the differences between the models so that you buy the right one for your needs.

mobile phone with movie iconography on top 1
The 10 Best Android Apps to Track the Movies and Shows You've Watched

If you want to keep track of all the movies and TV shows you've seen in your life, you should use one of these great free Android apps.

youtube logo on phone and popcorn 1
How to Block YouTube Channels From Appearing in Your Feed

Some YouTube channels don't deserve your attention. If you dislike a YouTube channel, here's how to block it so you don't see it again.

3d emojis 1
The 150 Most Popular Emojis Explained

There are so many emojis, it can be difficult to know what they all mean. Here are the most popular emojis explained.

android smartphone on a desk with a microphone 1
How to Use Your Smartphone as a Windows Microphone

If your computer doesn't have a microphone, you can use your smartphone in a pinch. Here's how to use a smartphone as a microphone.

steam logo on abstract background 1
How to Stop Steam From Opening on Startup

Steam can slow your computer down if the desktop client launches on startup. Here's how you disable the option on Windows and Mac.

netflix logo on tv 1
How to Sign Out of Netflix on Your Smart TV

Need to log out of your Netflix account? Here's how you do that on any smart TV.

illustration of soldiers on a battlefield 1
The 11 Best WW2 Strategy Games to Immerse Yourself in War

Looking for the best WW2 strategy games? Here are some great titles that let you live out famous battles from WW2.

steam deck displaying recent games 1
Which Steam Deck Model Should You Buy?

If you can't decide which version of the Steam Deck to buy, here are the hardware differences and what they mean.

xbox series x 1
The 16 Best Couch Co-Op Games for Xbox Series X/S

These are the best Xbox Series X/S games to play with your friends and family for some good old-fashioned couch co-op fun.

a graphics card fan 1
GPU Fans Not Spinning? 7 Ways to Fix It

If the fans on your graphics card aren't spinning, here are the troubleshooting steps you need to follow.

steam logo on a macbook pro 1
How to Find Your Steam ID

Confused about locating your Steam ID? Doing so is simple; just follow these easy steps.

man holding samsung ssd 1
MBR vs. GPT: Which Should You Use for Your SSD?

How does MBR compare to GPT? Learn which type of SSD is best for you. Here's everything you need to know about MBR vs. GPT SSDs.

hands holding playdate in case 1
Everything You Need to Know About the Playdate Games Console

Want to know what the Playdate is all about? Here are the features, games, tech specs, and more.

motherboard with warning symbols 1
How to Find and Replace Outdated Windows Drivers

Your drivers might be outdated and need updating, but how are you to know? Here's the ultimate guide for Windows 10 and 11.

Xbox Series X and S 1
6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy an Xbox Series X/S

Looking to spend your cash on a new games console? Here's why you might want to avoid Microsoft's Xbox Series X/S.

Someone using Microsoft Word on a laptop 1
How to Delete Horizontal Lines in Microsoft Word That Won't Go Away

Horizontal lines in Microsoft Word don't count as characters, so getting rid of them can be challenging—unless you use this tip!

Ps5 Console 1
4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy a PS5

There's no question that the PS4 dominated for almost a decade, but here's why we think you shouldn't buy its successor, the PlayStation 5.

holding kindle on hammock 1
11 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Kindle eReader

Are you on the fence about buying an Amazon Kindle? Here's why you should bite the bullet and buy the ereader now.

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