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Joe Brown-Staff Writer for Productivity

Joe Brown

Staff Writer for Productivity

About Joe Brown

Joe is an experienced freelance writer specializing in productivity and personal development. He discovered his passion for digital productivity whilst studying at The University of Manchester where he also learned game development and music production. The goal of his work is to help people manage time, learn efficiently, and live a meaningful, productive life.

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Blue pen notebook and TickTick logo 1
A Complete Guide to Organizing Tasks in TickTick

Struggle to stay on top of your work? Here's how to organize your tasks in TickTick and finally get things done.

laptop and calendar on table 1
The 6 Best Calendar Apps to Organize Your Social Life

Tired of missing out on your friends' plans? Here are some of the best calendar apps to help you stay organized and on top of your social life.

Man checking phone on knee 1
How Smartphones Steal Your Attention and How to Protect Your Mental Health

Smartphones and mobile apps increasingly demand your attention. Here's how they do it, and tips to manage the attention you give to your devices.

Smartphone and a diary on table 1
The 7 Best To-Do List Apps for Categorizing Your Tasks

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? Here are some apps that can help you categorize your tasks and stay organized.

Notebook next to yellow iPhone 1
How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Working on Your Goals

Do you have goals that you're always putting off? Learn how to stop procrastinating and start taking action today.

Sticky notes of different colors on a laptop 1
5 Ways to Take Notes on Windows 11 Without Downloading Software

If you want to take notes on Windows 11 but you're blocked from downloading third-party apps, here's how to get around that.

green iPhone beside pen and laptop 1
The 7 Best Note-Taking Apps to Access Notes on Any Device

Want to take notes that you can access on any device? Here are some of the best note-taking apps for you.

Samsung phone next to pink sticky notes and blue pen 1
The 9 Best Simple Note-Taking Apps for Android

Need a quick way to jot down notes? You don't need a complex app like Evernote or OneNote—these no-nonsense Android note apps are perfect.

Habit-tracking journal beside keyboard and mouse 1
6 Strict Habit Tracking Apps That Keep You Motivated

Are you struggling to stick to your habits? These strict habit tracking apps will help you stay motivated and on track.

Man looking down at phone keyboard 1
How to Make Your Phone Less Distracting While Working From Home

Are you struggling to stay focused on work while working from home? Here are some tips to make your phone less distracting and boost productivity.

Evernote logo blurred on a laptop screen 1
How to Use Evernote as a Studying Tool

Learn how to use Evernote to take notes, organize your research, and stay on top of your studies.

best tablets for note taking FI 1
The 6 Best AI Note-Taking Apps to Take Better Notes

Do you want to take better notes? These AI note-taking apps can help you remember everything you need to know.

Woman typing on laptop on wooden table 1
The 6 Best Personal Development Apps to Increase Your Overall Productivity

Are you looking for ways to boost your productivity? Check out these personal development apps that can help you get more done.

Permanent marker on weekly planner 1
The 7 Best Task Management Apps for Building a Daily Routine

Do you struggle to stick to a daily routine? These task management apps can help you get organized and stay on track.

Hand holding iPhone apps display 1
The 6 Best Simple Reminder Apps to Remember Anything

Do you have a hard time remembering things? Here are some simple reminder apps that can help you remember anything.

fingers typing on laptop against black background 1
The 6 Best Tools to Help You Stay Focused While Studying Online

Are you struggling to stay focused while studying online? Here are some tools that can help you beat distractions and ace your classes.

Musician playing violin in front of sheet music 1
The 6 Best Apps and Websites to Train Your Musical Ear

Try these apps and websites if you want to improve your aural skills and have a better understanding of music theory.

Man writing with yellow pen beside laptop 1
6 Tips to Increase Your Productivity During Class

Struggling to stay focused in class? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time.

Notion project open on Macbook 1
How to Plan a Project in Notion

Struggling to organize your projects effectively? Use Notion to plan your projects with ease and efficiency.

Woman typing on laptop keyboard 1
How to Remember What You Type With Digital Note-Taking

Struggling to retain information while typing digitally? Learn how to remember what you type while taking digital notes.

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