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Joseph is an experienced freelance writer at MakeUseOf. He is also a tech enthusiast and owns an e-commerce store where he sells computers and gadgets. When he isn't writing, Joseph loves playing Minecraft and League of Legends.

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A half closed MacBook in a dim room 1
MacBook Not Entering Sleep Mode When the Lid Is Closed? 6 Fixes to Try

Is closing your MacBook's lid not putting it in sleep mode? Here, we'll discuss why this happens and teach you how to resolve it.

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4 Apple Music Features You Can Expect in iOS 17

iOS 17 not only makes your iPhone better but also improves your Apple Music experience with these features.

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How to Update Your Kindle eReader

By default, your Kindle should update automatically. But if that doesn't happen, you can update it yourself. Don't worry; it's easier than you think.

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8 Amazon Kindle Accessibility Features Worth Exploring

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Snapchat Score Not Updating? 9 Ways You Can Fix It

If your Snapchat Score isn't refreshing, here are some things you can try to fix the issue.

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Why Rumble Is Becoming Increasingly Popular for Content Creators

Rumble gains an edge with creators for its lenient censorship and better monetization. YouTube could be facing some competition.

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Apple Watch Digital Crown Not Working? Try These 5 Fixes

Is your Apple Watch's Digital Crown not responding to your inputs? Follow these troubleshooting steps to get it sorted.

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How to Change Your Apple Watch’s Name

Personalize your Apple Watch by giving it a unique name and make it easily recognizable among your other Apple devices.

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How to Get a Custom Alert When Your iPhone Reaches Full Charge

Want an audio cue every time your iPhone reaches full charge so that you don't leave it plugged in for long? The Shortcuts app lets you set one up.

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How to Mirror Your Apple Watch's Screen to Your iPhone

Did you know you can view your Apple Watch's screen right on your iPhone? We'll show you how.

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Apple Watch Not Showing Notifications? 8 Fixes to Try

Are you not getting notifications on your Apple Watch? We'll discuss the possible reasons and list some troubleshooting steps to get it resolved.

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Apple Watch Won’t Update? Try These 5 Quick Fixes

If your Apple Watch is not able to install watchOS software updates, follow these troubleshooting steps.

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How to Hide Notification Previews on Your Apple Watch

Notification previews can sometimes leak sensitive information to prying eyes. So, disable them as a security measure.

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Is Your Apple Watch Too Hot? Try These 6 Fixes

Overheating can damage your Apple Watch's battery and other hardware components. So, follow these troubleshooting measures to get it resolved quickly.

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Is Your Apple Watch Display Too Dim? Try These Quick Fixes

Struggling to read your Apple Watch because the display is too dim? Try these tips to fix it.