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Jowi Morales-Updates Manager | Floating Editor | Senior Writer

Jowi Morales

Updates Manager | Floating Editor | Senior Writer

About Jowi Morales

John William Morales, better known as Jowi, is a writer, a career coach, a professional photographer, and a leisure pilot.

He's been using, discovering, and exploring PCs since Windows 3.1 and has been on board the Android bandwagon since Froyo. In 2023, he also invested in an iPhone and a Mac, allowing him to cover a wide spectrum of consumer technology.

Jowi started writing part-time in 2015 and transitioned to it full-time in 2020. He also?finished a university degree with related units in journalism in 2012. But even before he received higher education, he's been known by his friends and family as the go-to person when anything computer-related requires explanation.

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an Intel NUC PC on a desk 1
The 5 Best Alternatives to the Intel NUC

Intel is discontinuing its NUC series, but there are some great alternatives to choose from.

A Gaming Laptop With the Word UBISOFT on Its Screen Being Thrown in a Trash Can Over a Blurred Gaming Library Background 1
Will Ubisoft Delete Your Account and Purchased Games for Inactivity?

There's been some talk about Ubisoft deleting inactive accounts. But will the company really wipe your account and purchased games along with it?

Expanding an Image Using Generative Expand on Adobe Photoshop (Beta) 1
How to Expand Images in Adobe Photoshop Using AI

Adobe takes generative AI to the next level with its Generative Expand tool. Here's how to expand your images in Photoshop.

Sharing Wi-Fi password on an iPhone 1
How to Share a Wi-Fi Password From Your iPhone to Any Other Device

On iOS, you have multiple options to share a Wi-Fi password, depending on the device that needs to connect. Here, we'll teach you all the methods.

kid using an iPad with their parent 1
How to Limit Your Kid's iPad Use With Guided Access

Restrict your kid to any one app on their iPad with Guided Access so they can focus on their tasks without distractions. We'll show you how.

An Android Samsung phone on a clipboard 1
How to Find and View the Clipboard Content on Your Android Phone

Where is the clipboard on your Android phone? We'll show you how to find it using Gboard, SwiftKey, and Samsung Keyboard.

A Gaming Controller in front of an Apple MacBook 1
Are Macs the Future of PC Gaming?

Macs have evolved leaps and bounds over the years but one area where their potential is unknown is gaming. Could Macs be the dominant PC platform?

samsung galaxy s23 plus and iphone 14 1
Siri vs. Bixby: How Do Apple and Samsung's Voice Assistants Compare?

iPhones and Samsung phones come with their own voice assistants, Siri and Bixby. But which one is actually better?

Stock Images and Photos on Laptop Phone and Tablet 1
7 Ways to Protect Your Computer From Humidity

Water never mixes well with computers, but sometimes moisture is unavoidable.

Controller in front of a MacBook 1
6 Reasons Why Macs Aren't Great for Gaming

While Macs are great for a number of things, gaming isn't one of them. Here's why.

Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor with racing game 1
Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor Review: A Beast of a Display From a First-Time Maker

The Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor offers an ultra-fast 160Hz refresh rate and excellent contrast ratio for the perfect gaming experience.

App Store icon with a rocket 1
6 Ways the Apple App Store Revolutionized the Smartphone Industry

Apple's App Store played a huge role in making the smartphones we know and love today. Here's how it disrupted the mobile industry for good.

Workstation with multiple monitors 1
The 10 Tools and Gadgets You Need to Build a Clean Workstation

Build out your perfect workstation for the ultimate focus zone.

a Mac and a PC controlled by one keyboard and mouse 1
The 6 Best Apps for Sharing a Mouse and Keyboard Across Multiple Computers

Do you want to increase your productivity by using two computers? Here are some programs you can use to control multiple computers from one device.

Apple One subscription services 1
Apple One vs. Third-Party Subscriptions: Which Is Better Value for Money?

Apple One bundles all of Apple's services under a single subscription plan. But if you use third-party services, will you save money by switching?

Canon Camera with filters around it 1
8 Lens Filters You Need in Your Photography Arsenal

You don't necessarily need a new lens or excessive editing to get more creative shots. Instead, add these lens filters to your camera bag.

playing music to Google speakers from iPad Pro 1
How to Play Music Across Multiple Google Nest Speakers and Displays

Rock out in your entire home with a Google Nest speaker group. Creating one takes just a few steps—we'll show you how.

Sundar Pichai presenting during Google IO 2023 1
The Future of Smartphones, According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai

When Google talks smartphone development, it's worth listening.

person using a 15-inch MacBook Air with friends 1
Will the 15-Inch MacBook Air Draw Windows Users to Apple?

Apple is targeting Windows laptop users with its bigger 15-inch MacBook Air.

Motorola Razr+ vs. Samsung Z Flip4 1
Motorola Razr+ 2023 vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Which Flip Phone Is Better?

Motorola's Razr Plus looks set to challenge Samsung's dominance in the folding phone market. Here's how it compares to the Galaxy Z Flip4.

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