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Laura-May Randell-Staff Writer for Gaming

Laura-May Randell

Staff Writer for Gaming

About Laura-May Randell

Laura-May Randell is a Lvl 30 gamer and writer based in Australia. Gaming was her first passion in life, ignited by Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot on the PS1. Since then, the Nintendo Switch has taken over as her console of choice.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, Laura was able to turn her love of both video games and writing into a full-time career in 2022.
When she’s not writing or playing through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the one-millionth time, you can find her streaming on Twitch or creating Nintendo content on YouTube.

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Person playing Pokemon GO outdoors 1
How to Fix the GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokémon GO

Stuck with the GPS Signal Not Found (11) error in Pokémon GO? Here's how you can fix it and get back to hunting Pokémon.

How to Optimize the Steam Deck 1
How to Appear Offline on Steam (Even When You’re Online)

Want to game on Steam without being bothered? You can do that, even when you're online—here's how.

A photograph of a person holding a whte Xbox One controller in front of a monitor 1
7 Essential Xbox Controller Tips

Get the most out of your Xbox controller with these useful features.

A PlayStation 5 1
How to Turn On Your PS5 in 6 Different Ways

Turning on your PS5 might seem like a simple task, but there are more ways to do it than you might think.

Xbox controller in front of an Xbox on a desk 1
7 Ways to Save Money With Your Xbox Series X|S

Gaming is a hobby where costs can add up fast. So, here are some ways you can help budget-conscious while also enjoying your Xbox Series X|S.

Canva open on laptop with notebook and coffee on table 1
How to Crop Images Diagonally in Canva

Diagonal cropping is a surefire way to add contrast and interest to your design. This neat Canva trick lets you crop images diagonally.

gamer wearing a gaming headset 1
Two Ways to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Your PS5

Experience a completely wireless gaming experience with your PS5 by using Bluetooth headphones.

Canva open on laptop with notebook and coffee on table 1
How to Outline Images, Text, and Shapes in Canva

Outlining the elements of your design will help make it pop, and it's very easy to do in Canva.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Logo Surrounded by Console and Games 1
How to Beat the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Price Hike (But Not for Long)

Want to get Game Pass Ultimate but avoid the higher cost? We've got a temporary workaround, but only up to (not including) September 14th, 2023.

Scrabble letters spelling the phrase allow for delay 1
Why Video Game Delays Are a Good Thing

Delays can be frustrating, especially for games that we're eager to play. But this isn't a bad thing—delays can be good for both games and gamers.

Flatlay of PC Gaming Supplies 1
10 Reasons to Switch From Console to PC Gaming

PC gaming is arguably the best way to experience your favorite pastime. Here's why you could make the switch from your console.

Two controllers next to a phone displaying Activision Blizzard's logo 1
7 Activision Blizzard Games Microsoft Should Revive

Once Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, we'd love for these franchises to have a second life.

Nintendo Classic Controller Collection  1
How to Use Classic Nintendo Controllers on Steam

Steam supports a range of controllers including the Nintendo Online classics range. Here's how you can connect and customize these controllers.

The Steam logo over a background with a gaming keyboard and headset with purple lighting  1
What Is Steam Big Picture Mode, and How Do You Use It?

Want to make your way around Steam with a game controller? Well, you'll need to use Big Picture Mode. Here's how.

The Xbox controller and keyboard 1
You Can Now Fix Your Own Xbox Controller

If your Xbox controller has seen better days, don't worry—you can now purchase parts for it from Microsoft. Let's explain further.

Starfield Promo Image 1
How to Get Early Access to Starfield

Can't wait to play Starfield? Here's how you can get your hands on the game five days in advance.

Spiderman 2 limited edition PS5 console 1
How to Preorder the Limited-Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5

Sony's releasing a snazzy new PS5 and DualSense design inspired by Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Here's how you can pre-order it to avoid disappointment.

A photograph of a grey Nintendo Switch being held up in the air  1
5 Things to Do if Your Nintendo Account Gets Hacked

Worried that your Nintendo account has been hacked? We'll outline what you should do next.

PlayStation Summer Sale logo 1
The 10 Best Deals in PlayStation’s Summer Sale (2023)

Looking for your next big gaming adventure? Sink into these amazing deals featured in the Summer Sale.

Person playing video games on keyboard 1
How to Connect a Keyboard and Mouse to Your Nintendo Switch: 2 Ways

Want some increased precision when playing your Nintendo Switch? A mouse and keyboard can offer just that—let's explore further.

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