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Olasubomi Gbenjo

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Olasubomi Gbenjo is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast working at MakeUseOf to enlighten readers one clear, concise, and compelling article at a time. She's enormously curious and enjoys finding solutions to problems. When she's not writing or learning more about how technology continually shapes the world around us, you'll find her adding to her items cart or watching The Office.

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A person playing a game on a smartphone 1
The Pros and Cons of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming can be a fun time, but it isn't without its negatives. We'll outline some of the highs and lows of mobile gaming.

A bespectacled woman typing on a laptop 1
The 4 Main Types of Typing Techniques Explained (and What You Should Use!)

Typing fast is useful, but being accurate and fast is even better.

A pair of hands holding an iPhone 1
The App Store Is Missing a Wish List: Here Are 3 Apps to Use Instead

Apple's App Store does not have a wish list feature anymore, but these built-in iPhone apps serve as a workaround.

A Java logo against a beige background 1
6 Things We Liked About Java Games

While mobile gaming features some incredibly detailed games, both in content and appearance, there's no denying the charm that Java games had.

A person playing a game on a smartphone 1
5 Reasons to Pay for Mobile Games Rather Than Play for Free

While we all love a free game, there are plenty of good reasons to play for your next mobile adventure.

Three iPhones showcasing the AirDrop feature 1
7 Benefits of Sharing Files Using AirDrop

AirDrop is arguably one of the best features of the Apple ecosystem. Sharing files via AirDrop comes with a slew of benefits.

A woman recording audio podcast on equipment 1
5 Free Dictation Tools to Use on Windows or macOS

Prefer dictating text rather than typing? Here are some of the best free dictation tools you can use on your Windows or macOS machine.

Close up shot of Woman taking photo using a smartphone 1
7 Extra Uses for Your iPhone's Camera

Your iPhone's camera can do a lot more than take photos and videos. Here are some interesting ways to put your iPhone's camera to good use.

An annoyed woman holding an iPhone 1
8 Things iPhone Users Hate About iOS

It's not sunshine and rainbows in the world of iOS. Here are some software quirks even long-time iPhone users find annoying.

A man holding an iPhone in both hands 1
6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Dictation Software

Dictation software can be super helpful, but it's not without its share of downsides. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using dictation.

A smartphone with the back cover off lying on a table 1
5 Reasons Removable Phone Batteries Should Make a Comeback

We want removable batteries, and we want them now.

GitHub Desktop running on a MacBook 1
How to Use GitHub Desktop on a Mac

GitHub has a dedicated desktop app for macOS, and we'll help you get started with it in this guide.

A person typing on an iPhone 1
Want to Type Faster on Your iPhone? Try These 7 Tips

If your typing speed has been slow ever since you started using an iPhone, we've got some valuable tips for you.

A Lady Holding a Laptop 1
6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Laptop

Buying a new laptop? These are the questions you need to ask before you grab your wallet.

Close up shot of a woman holding an iPhone and a card 1
6 Fixes to Try if Apple Declines Your Payment Method

Is your Apple ID payment method not working for App Store purchases or subscriptions? Follow these troubleshooting steps.

A woman looking at a MacBook screen 1
8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Crunchyroll

Not sure if a Crunchyroll subscription is worth it? Here are eight reasons that will change your mind.

A woman holding an iPhone with the Brave logo on the screen-1 1
8 Pros and Cons of Using Brave on an iPhone Over Android

Brave's mobile app offers an inconsistent experience across iOS and Android devices. Here, we'll uncover the features limited to one platform.

Camera app in an iPhone's Dock 1
3 Alternate Ways to Open Your iPhone's Camera

The Camera app is right on your iPhone's Home Screen, but there are other convenient ways to open it, depending on what you're doing.

An iPhone showing iMessage and an iPhone showing an SMS against a black background 1
How to Send SMS Messages Instead of iMessages on an iPhone

If iMessage is unavailable or not delivering your messages, you can send an SMS instead. We'll show you what to do.

BMW i5 interior dashboard view 1
The Internet of Things: 7 Ways It's Changing Cars

As cars get increasingly connected, the internet will change how they operate and how we interact with them.

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