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Pankil Shah-Staff Writer for Windows

Pankil Shah

Staff Writer for Windows

About Pankil Shah

Pankil is a freelance tech writer from India who has been writing about Windows since 2021. As a long-time Windows user, he has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the operating system and specializes in creating how-tos and troubleshooting guides. With a focus on practical advice and real-world solutions, Pankil aims to make technology accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

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A monitor on a wooden table next to a printer 1
How to Fix a Slow Printer on Windows

Printers are already a headache without them printing slower than usual. Here's how to remedy it on Windows.

A Windows Laptop on a Wooden Table 1
Drag and Drop Not Working in Windows 11? Try These Fixes

Is the drag and drop feature not working on your Windows computer? Here are some quick and easy ways to fix it.

Black Monitor and a laptop on a table 1
How to Fix the “Your PC Can’t Project to Another Screen” Error on Windows

Are you trying to project to another screen on Windows but keep running into an error? Here are some quick and easy ways to fix it.

A person sitting at the table with a laptop 1
What to Do if Excel Is Running Slow on Windows

Excel is meant to make data organization faster. If it has slowed to a crawl, here's how to perk it back up again on Windows.

A woman using a gray Windows laptop 1
How to Reset Power Plans to Default in Windows

Are you used to customizing the power plan on your Windows computer? Here's how you can reset it to default.

Dual monitor setup on a desk 1
How to Change Display Orientation in Windows

Need to flip or rotate your computer screen? Here's how to do so on Windows.

People working on computers at their desk 1
How to Set or Reset the Default Terminal App on Windows

If you've got a new terminal app you enjoy using, or you just want to go back to the default Windows options, here's how to do it.

A computer monitor on a desk 1
How to Fix the Epic Games Launcher Freezing or Crashing on Windows

It's hard to play games when the Epic Games Launcher keeps locking up on you. Fortunately, there are some Windows-based fixes you can try.

Google Chrome Illustration 1
How to Fix Google Chrome Not Updating on Windows

Keeping your browser updated is important for your security. But if Google Chrome won't update on Windows, don't fret; it's fixable.

A laptop on a white surface 1
How to Fix Microsoft Outlook's “Something Went Wrong” Error on Windows

Sometimes error messages aren't great at telling you why an app crashed. Here's how to fix the annoyingly vague "something went wrong" Outlook error.

A woman using Excel on a Windows laptop-1 1
Can't Scroll in Microsoft Excel for Windows? Try These Fixes

Going through spreadsheets gets a lot harder if you can't scroll. Get it fixed with this guide.

A person typing on gray HP laptop 1
How to Fix the Google Chrome “Aw, Snap!” Error on Windows

Chrome is a fantastic browser... when it's working properly. Get the "Aw, Snap!" error fixed with these Windows-based tips.

A Windows 11 computer on a gray table 1
What to Do if Your Windows Computer Screen Turns Black and White

If your Windows PC has decided it wants to be more like an old television than a computer, here's how to fix it.

A laptop on a plain white surface 1
How to Fix the Downloads Folder Not Responding on Windows

The Windows Downloads folder is meant to be the hub for all your downloaded files, but sometimes it can stop working.

A black Windows laptop on a white table 1
4 Ways to Fix Hibernate Mode Not Working on Windows

If your Windows computer is having issues settling down, try this guide to get it hibernating once again.

A white laptop on a wooden table 1
How to Fix Outlook Rules Not Working on Windows

Those who say "rules are meant to be broken" have never used Outlook before. Bring structure back into Outlook with these Windows tricks.

A controller on top of a keyboard 1
10 Ways to Fix Steam Not Detecting Your Controller on Windows

Some PC games play a lot better with a controller over a keyboard and mouse. If Steam refuses to acknowledge your controller, here's how to fix it.

A person sitting on a gaming chair playing a video game on PC 1
How to Fix Games Not Opening in Full Screen Mode on Windows

Putting games in full screen mode can help with immersion, but what if Windows doesn't let you do that?

A close up of Office apps on a screen 1
How to Fix the “Something Went Wrong” Office Error on Windows

This unhelpful error message can plague Office when you try to open it on Windows. Don't fret; it's an easy fix.

A sliver laptop on a white table 1
What to Do When the Run Command Won’t Save History on Windows

The Run history is handy for bringing up old commands, so it's very annoying when Windows won't save it for some reason.

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