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Paul Antill-Tech Reviewer

Paul Antill

Tech Reviewer

About Paul Antill

Paul is a seasoned tech writer with a focus on reviewing camera, audio recording, and smart home products. Since 2016, he has shared his love for practical yet innovative tech through his work, drawing on his experience as a professional videographer to provide a unique perspective on the latest gadgets.

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Phyleko ENF 1000S - Article 1
Phyleko ENF 1000S Portable Power Station: A Mixed Bag of Power and Design

A compact option with a unique design and good performance, but a few too many quirks and slow solar charging make this difficult to recommend.

Starforge Voyager Creator - Article 1
Starforge Voyager Creator: Is This Custom Gaming PC Brand Worth Checking Out?

You'll pay a premium, but the Voyager Creator offers impressive performance and stunning good looks if you want a pre-built system.

mavic 3 pro editors choice 1
Mavic 3 Pro Review: Is it Really More "Pro"?

The triple-lens system offers a well-rounded option, but pro users may find the limited tracking and color profiles on the tele cameras frustrating.

Cync Smart Shapes - Cover-1 1
GE Cync Smart Neon Shape LED Light Strip: Expensive, but Lots of Creativity

Any shape you want—as long as it's a line.

Basecamp SF-999 - Article Cover 1
BaseCamp SF-999 Smart Helmet With Turn Signals is a Great Concept That Feels Like a Prototype

No front-facing lights and annoying Bluetooth features make this decidedly less safe than basic hand signals and Bluetooth earbuds.

Cykcrown Knight - Article Cover 1
Cycrown Cycknight: Sub-$1000 Folding Fat Tire Class 2 Ebike

Despite the generic design choices, the Cycknight offers fantastic performance for the price point and can handle any terrain.

Vanpowers Glide - Article Cover 1
Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra: 500W Mid-Drive eBike That's Ready to Conquer the Streets and Trails

Experience the perfect blend of power, comfort, and off-road capabilities with the Vanpowers Urban Glide ebike.

ECOVACS T20 OMNI - Article Cover 1
Ecovacs T20 Omni Robot Vacuum: Auto-Lifting Mop Pads Make This the Best Robovac Yet

Make robovacs great again by removing the manual tedium of swapping between mopping pads and vacuuming.

MSI Prestige 16 EVO - Article Cover-1 1
MSI Prestige 16 EVO (A13M): 2023's Best Value 16” Thin & Light Laptop With i7-13700H

One of the top choices for professionals and students seeking a high-performance, portable computing solution in 2023

Yeelight Cube - Article Cover 1
Yeelight Cube: Modular, Customizable RGB Table Lamps

Matter-compatible, these modular cube smart lights are available in three designs to add a little flair to your desktop.

Insta360 Flow - Article 1
Insta360 Flow AI Smartphone Gimbal Review: DJI Has Some Real Competition

Take your mobile content creation to the next level with the Insta360 Flow—the compact gimbal that makes solo filming a breeze.

XGIMI MoGo Pro 2 - Cover 1
XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro: One of the Best Portable Projectors of 2023

A good-looking Full HD image at 400 lumens, but you'll need to add your own battery to make this truly portable.

RODE Wireless ME - Cover 1
RODE Wireless ME: Half the Price of the Wireless GO II, Same Great Quality Audio

It's a more affordable, barebones version of the Go II, designed for vloggers and content creators.

Velotric Thunder 1 ST - Cover 1
Velotric T1ST: Rugged Yet Stealthy eBike With Apple Find My

Weighing just 36 pounds, the T1ST is light and easy to maneuver, and its 350W motor provides enough power to help tackle tough city terrain.

Jackery 3000 Pro Combo - Cover 1
Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro: Bigger, More Portable, and Faster Charging

Crazy power without the bulk. With its portable suitcase design, it's smaller and lighter than the competition.

Urtopia Chord - Cover 1
Urtopia Chord: The Smartest Ebike Ever?

Cloud connectivity, GPS tracking, and even a Bluetooth speaker. But how much of it is actually useful?

editors choice msi stealth 16 1
MSI Stealth 16 Studio: Beautiful 16" Beast Laptop With an RTX4070

For those willing to invest in a premium, portable and high-performance laptop, the MSI Stealth 16 Studio (A13Vx) is an excellent choice.

Varla Eagle One Pro - Cover 1
Varla Eagle One Pro Review: The Jeep of E-Scooters

Rugged, high-performance e-scooter with a long-range and impressive power. Not the most portable, but it handles anything the city can throw at it.

VanPower City Vanture - Cover 1
Vanpowers City Vanture: You Won't Believe This Is an Ebike

With its built-in battery, the City Vanture effectively hides the fact that it's an ebike and is easily one of the best looking.

x1 omni featured-1 1
Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni: A Robot Vacuum With AI and a Camera—What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It'll vacuum, mop, clean itself, and allow you to monitor the video feed remotely. Is it the ultimate smart vac, or a step too far?

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