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Rob is a freelance writer with a BA Hons Degree in English and Media Studies and a Diploma in Proofreading and Editing. After several years working in the financial sector, Rob decided to pursue his passion for writing and joined MUO as a Buyer's Guide writer in 2022. Rob is passionate about music, movies, gaming, martial arts, and of course... tech.

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Level up your MagSafe 1
Steam Deck image 1
The Best Cooling Accessories and Gadgets for the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck runs hot if you play high-performance games over a long time. Pick out any of these accessories to lower its temp and keep it cool.

Smoke detector of fire alarm in action 1
The Best Smart Smoke Alarms

Protect your home and your family with precise alerts from a smart smoke alarm.

best smart fans 1
The Best Smart Fans to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Looking for a more convenient way to keep cool in the warmer months? Control your home's fans via your smartphone!

The New Apple Watch Ultra  1
The Best Apple Watch Ultra Bands

Add a personal touch to your Apple Watch Ultra with a range of bands to suit your style.

video editing 1
4DDiG File Repair: AI Photo and Video Enhancer All In One

This post is sponsored by Tenorshare.

Whisker Feeder-Robot Maiko-1 1
Whisker Feeder-Robot Review: Automatic Feeding With a Big Capacity (and Big Price Tag)

Featuring reliable scheduled or remote dispensing, smart notifications, and a simple app—the only downside is the price.

best garmin watches 1
The Best Garmin Smartwatches

Explore the extensive features of Garmin smartwatches, from swimming watches to traditional-looking watch faces.

best smart toilets 1
The Best Smart Toilets

Keep you and your toilet fresh and clean with smart functionality and touchless controls.

person wearing and using smartwatch  1
The Best Smartwatches for Tracking Sleep

If you're looking to gain an overall picture of your sleep score, and learn some tips to improve it, check out one of these sleep-tracking wearables.

air purifier small spaces 1
The Best Air Purifiers for Small Spaces

Got a small room or space that could do with some clean air? Try these air purifiers!

Two different Amazon Echo devices 1
The Best Alexa Speakers

Immerse yourself in hands-free audio, voice commands, and smart home features with an Alexa speaker.

apple watch 1
The Best Android Smartwatches

Explore the versatility of Android smartwatches, ideal for health and fitness, making calls, and tracking your location.

Format PDF rocket ship 1
FormatPDF: Your One-Stop Multi-Purpose Online Editing Tool for PDFs

This post is sponsored by FormatPDF.

stream decks twitch 1
The Best Stream Decks for Twitch

Stream easily and access all the functions you need to with a stream deck.

Kid wearing headphones and listening to music 1
The Best Music Players for Kids

If your little one wants a way to listen to music but isn't quite ready for a phone just yet, these music players are a fantastic middle ground.

a gaming keyboard and mouse from Redragon 1
The Best Hot-Swappable Gaming Keyboards

Keyswitches break, and sometimes, you just want a new feel. Rather than shelling out for a new board every time, invest in one hot-swappable keyboard.

Dangbei Neo portable projector 1
Dangbei Neo Smart Projector Review: Big-Screen Entertainment in a Compact Package

If Netflix is your priority and you want a compact HD projector, the Dangbei Neo could be for you. But 540 lumens rules out daytime viewing.

best handheld consoles 1
The Best Handheld Consoles

Take gaming into your own hands with some of the best portable handheld consoles around.

Dr. Fone Toolkit 1
Wondershare Dr. Fone: A Complete Mobile Toolkit for Android and iOS

This post is sponsored by Wondershare.

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