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Sarah Chaney is a professional freelance writer for MakeUseOf, Review Geek, Laptop Mag, and other publications. She received her bachelor’s degree in English at the end of 2020, and shortly thereafter left her full-time job to make freelance writing a career. Sarah covers a variety of topics, including software- and hardware-related content, Android apps, video games, board games, and general tech.

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woman listening to music on phone with headphones on 1
Do You Prefer Wired or Wireless Headphones More? [Poll]

There are perks to owning both wired and wireless headphones. But which do you prefer? Tell us what you think!

a woman asleep in bed with a phone next to her 1
Why You Shouldn't Check Your Phone When You Wake Up

Checking your smartphone first thing in the morning might be an automatic reaction, but there are quite a few reasons to avoid doing this.

person using payment card to shop on laptop 1
Do You Prefer to Shop Online or in Stores? [Poll]

Shopping online and shopping in a store are two wildly different experiences. Which do you prefer?

the best noom alternative apps, including myfitnesspal, eat right now, and mindful eating coach (1) 1
The 7 Best Noom Alternatives for Dieting and Health

Noom is a popular dieting app, but its subscription price is too steep for some. These Noom alternatives are free or more affordable.

a person sleeping 1
What Are Sleep Chronotypes and How Can You Find Yours?

Understanding chronotypes—and identifying yours—can help you improve your sleep schedule and improve your productivity.

psvr2 featured-1 1
Why Is VR So Expensive? 4 Reasons Explained

VR is excellent and has many uses, but it's still prohibitively expensive for most people.

The Philips Hue app now offers a new and improved home screen for users 1
How Do Smart Bulbs Work? And Should You Buy Some?

Find out more about how the popular smart home technology helps brighten up your space.

Woman staring into the distance with phone in hand 1
7 Better Alternatives to Checking Your Phone When You Wake Up

Instead of overwhelming yourself with notifications and stress first thing, leave your phone on the nightstand with these alternatives.

flexispot q8 instruction manual 1
When You Get a New Product, Do You Read the Instruction Manual? [Poll]

Be honest. Do you read the instruction manuals that come with new products? Let us know!

A woman working from home at a standing desk 1
Do You Prefer Working From Home or From an Office? [Poll]

Working from home and from the office both come with perks. Which do you prefer? Let us know!

amazon logo in front of earth with satellite connections 1
Does Amazon Prime Day Help You Save Money, or Waste It? [Poll]

Prime Day brings a lot of great deals, but do you buy more than you intend to? Let us know!

watchOS 10 main features 1
Which Smartwatch Feature Is the Most Useful to You? [Poll]

If you have a smartwatch, which of its features do you find most useful? Tell us what you think!

A woman sitting outdoors in nature drinking water and listening to headphones 1
Which Do You Find More Fascinating: Nature or Technology? [Poll]

Nature and technology both have a lot to offer the world. But which one fascinates you more?

Person exercising while wearing a Fitbit Versa 4 smartwatch 1
7 Ways Google Has Ruined Fitbit

Since acquiring the wearable device maker, Google has frustrated many Fitbit users by removing features and delivering lackluster updates.

man lying on bed at night looking at a phone screen 1
Is Your Smartphone the Last Thing You Look at Before Going to Sleep? [Poll]

Are you typically on your phone right up until you need to go to sleep? Let us know!

roku select plus tvs 1
Roku Originals: Everything You Need to Know

Roku has lots of free original content for you to enjoy, featuring famous faces. Here's how to watch Roku Originals.

PlayStation Plus logo 1
How to Access and Use PlayStation Plus on Your PC

Are you looking to grab some PlayStation goodness via your PC? Find out here how to use PS Plus to do just this.

social media influencer recording 1
How to Become a Social Media Influencer

You probably know the names of some social media influencers. But how can you become one?

women speaking on phone with popsocket feature 1
4 Ways to Use Wireless Charging With Your PopSockets Grip

Love a PopSocket? Who doesn't?! But what if you want to wirelessly charge your phone? Can it be done?

Person Watching a Video on their phone 1
If You Had to Stop Using One Type of Online Service, Which Would It Be? [Poll]

Streaming movies, browsing social media, or streaming music—which would you rather give up?

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