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Tashreef Shareef-Staff Writer for Windows

Tashreef Shareef

Staff Writer for Windows

About Tashreef Shareef

Tashreef is a developer and works as a technical writer at MUO. With a bachelor's degree in Computer Applications, he has over 7 years of experience and covers Microsoft Windows and everything around it. When not looking for a missing semicolon or churning out text, you can find him trying FPS titles or looking for new animated shows and movies.

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enable disable windows key 1
How to Enable and Disable the Windows Key

Tired of bringing up the Start menu when you're in the middle of something? Here's how to disable and re-enable the Windows key.

sign in option disabled because failed sign in attempts 1
How to Fix "This Sign-In Option Is Disabled Because of Failed Sign-In Attempts" on Windows

Locked out of your account? Get back in with this Windows guide.

person holding and looking at their laptop 1
How to Make Inspect Element Changes Permanent in Your Browser with Tampermonkey

Made some changes to a website using the Inspect Element tool? Here's how you can use the Tampermonkey extension to make these changes permanent.

enable hyper v windows 11 1
How to Enable Hyper-V in Windows 11

If you like using virtual machines, then it's a good idea to learn how to use Hyper-V on Windows 11.

enable hyper v Windows 11 Home 1
How to Install Hyper-V on Windows 11 Home

Hyper-V comes with all versions of Windows 11... except Home. However, don't fret; there are ways to enable Hyper-V on Windows 11 Home.

amd driver timeout windows 1
How to Fix the AMD Driver Timeout (TDR) Error on Windows

Get your AMD drivers back on track with these tips for Windows.

disable laptop keyboard windows 1
How to Disable the Built-In Laptop Keyboard in Windows

Disable your Windows laptop's keyboard and migrate to a bigger one with these tips.

automate windows shutdown on idle 1
How to Automatically Shut Down a Windows 10 and 11 PC When It's Idle

PCs often go to sleep when left alone, but would you prefer it to shut down instead? Here's how to automate it.

Photo of a woman smiling at her comptuer 1
The 7 Best Torrent Streaming Apps to Watch Torrents Without Downloading Them

If you're looking to stream torrents without downloading them, here are the seven best torrent streaming apps you can use.

A windows laptop on a table with a map 1
How to Install Google Maps on Your Windows PC

If you love Google Maps, here's how to make it easier to access on a Windows PC.

MS Paint Windows 11 Update What New 1
The 4 Best New Microsoft Paint Features

Despite being with us since 1985, Microsoft is still updating Paint for Windows 11 with some flashy new features.

a person using a Windows 11 laptop  1
How to Fix the Recycle Bin Icon Setting Grayed Out in Windows 11

If you're trying to re-enable the Recycle Bin but the option to do so is grayed out, you can bring it back with this handy guide.

windows bluetooth headphone speaker connected voice only (1) 1
How to Fix a Bluetooth Device Showing "Voice/Music Only" on Windows

If Windows stops your Bluetooth device from using all of its features, here's how to fix that.

Laptop With IP address Text 1
How to Check Your Public IP Address Using Command Prompt in Windows 11/10

Want to know the public IP address of your Windows PC? Here's how you can do so using Command Prompt.

Folders of Vibrant Colors on a Table 1
How to Calculate a Folder's Size Using PowerShell on Windows

Which folders are hogging your disk drive? Find out with this Windows guide.

Windows Laptop With Windows Spotlight Images Folder 1
How to Recreate a Folder's Structure Without the Files in Windows

If you like how you laid out a folder's structure and want to do it again, here's how to set up a copy without including the files on Windows.

best s pen apps galaxy phone 1
The 8 Best S Pen Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Get more out of the S Pen stylus that came with your Samsung Galaxy phone with this collection of apps.

run chatgpt as windows app 1
How to Install and Run ChatGPT as a Windows App

Keep ChatGPT a click away by making it a Windows app.

best password managers windows 11 1
The 4 Best Password Managers for Windows 11

Get more out of your password manager with these apps for Windows 11.

two people using a windows laptop 1
How to Fix Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Activating While Typing

If you're trying to type a sentence but Windows instead activates every keyboard shortcut known to man, here's how to fix it.

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