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Tomisin Olujinmi-Staff Writer for DIY

Tomisin Olujinmi

Staff Writer for DIY

About Tomisin Olujinmi

Tomisin is a staff writer at MUO with a penchant for breaking down complex topics into easily digestible bits. He first started writing reviews of phones and gadgets in 2016 and loves reading spec sheets and tinkering with new technology.

Currently, he writes about DIY tech for MakeUseOf and looks forward to expanding his horizons.

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Raspberry Pi OS logo with Raspberry Pi board background 1
The Best Programming Languages to Use With the Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi single-board computer is ideal for learning to program on, but which language should you choose?

iPhone in a box with charging cable and stickers 1
5 Ways USB-C Will Massively Improve iPhones

Apple ditching the ancient Lightning port for USB-C will bring a host of benefits to iPhone users.

Man's hand plugging in a black USB Type C cable into the USB-C port on a laptop or notebook computer. 1
USB4 vs. Thunderbolt 4: Similarities and Differences Explained

They both have "four" in the name, so they must be similar, right?

Raspberry Pi being manufactured in a factory  1
Raspberry Pi Stock Levels Are Finally Improving: What Does This Mean?

Retail availability of Raspberry Pi single-board computers is improving at last, which is great news for DIY project makers.

USB C memory stick 1
5 Cons of USB-C Connectors You Should Know About

USB-C connectors are great, but they're not without flaws.

whatsapp-status 1
How to Block the Status Feature on WhatsApp

You can use a workaround to get rid of Status updates on WhatsApp. But it comes with a trade-off.

Instagram app icon on an old iPhone's apps screen 1
How to Mute Instagram Stories

You can't get rid of the Instagram Stories feature completely, but you can mute them to stop them from appearing on your feed.

Two Raspberry Pi 2B boards on a wooden surface 1
4 Powerful SBCs for When You Need Extra Computing Power

Some projects need more juice, even if you're using a small board.

raspberry pi pico 1
How to Power a Raspberry Pi Pico

There’s more than one way to power a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board, depending on your particular project needs.

raspberry-pi-gpio 1
The 10 Best Raspberry Pi HATs and Add-On Boards in 2023

There’s a bewildering array of Raspberry Pi add-on boards on the market. We pick out the best ones to use in your projects.

Raspberry Pi OS logo with Raspberry Pi board background 1
How to Turn On a Raspberry Pi: 5 Ways

There are several different methods available for powering up your Raspberry Pi.

arduino uno vs mega 1
Arduino Mega vs. Uno: Which One Should You Use?

The Arduino Uno is the most popular board, but the larger Mega has more I/O pins. Find which is right for your project.

ZimaBoard single board server 1
ZimaBoard vs. Raspberry Pi: Which Is Best for Your Self-Hosted Server Project?

It packs a lot more processing power, but is the ZimaBoard better than a Raspberry Pi for hosting your own server project?

telegram icon on iphone 1
Why Telegram Is Finally Introducing Stories

Telegram has introduced a Stories feature to the messaging app. But why?

remote-desktop-raspberry 1
The 5 Best Options For Accessing Your Raspberry Pi Remotely

Controlling your Raspberry Pi remotely from another computer or device has many benefits. Here are the best ways to do it.

BME680 sensor connected to Raspberry Pi 1
6 Useful Raspberry Pi Sensor Projects You Can Do

By hooking one or more electronic sensors up to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO header, you can build a variety of useful monitoring projects.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ 1
4 Reasons to Buy an Old Raspberry Pi Model

Can't get hold of or want to shell out for a brand new Raspberry Pi 4? Consider buying an earlier Raspberry Pi model instead.

A Raspberry Pi board 1
8 Ways to Save Power in Your Raspberry Pi Projects

For portable Raspberry Pi projects, power drain is a major consideration. Check out these power-saving tricks.

raspi-power 1
5 Single-Board Computers With Low Power Consumption

Many computing tasks don't require a lot of power. An energy efficient board may be just what your project needs.

The Raspberry Pi 400 budget home computer 1
The Top 4 Raspberry Pi 400 Alternatives

With its keyboard form factor, the Raspberry Pi 400 is a value-for-money mini PC, but it has a few rivals.

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