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arduino neopixel flooring 1
8 Illuminating NeoPixel Projects for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Light up your electronics projects with super-bright NeoPixels. Check out these project ideas for inspiration.

Six Camping Tents in Forest illuminated from within 1
Going Camping? Jellyfin on Raspberry Pi Is the Perfect Offline Media Server

Need to keep people entertained while you're off-grid? Set up your Raspberry Pi as a media server using Jellyfin.

Door with key in lock 1
Build a DIY Door Status Sensor for Home Security

A smart door sensor can send its open or closed status to your Home Assistant server for enhanced home security.

Person with a laptop at the desk accessing another computer 1
How to Remotely Access a Raspberry Pi From Your PC

To remotely manage a Raspberry Pi from a PC, with full access to its GUI desktop, you can use VNC or RDP. Here's how to do it.

speedometer with raspberry on a black background 1
How to Overclock a Raspberry Pi 4 for Improved Performance

Overclocking your Pi 4 is easy enough to do, although you’ll need to make sure it has sufficient cooling.

A photograph of a white Xbox Wireless Controller for Xbox Series X and S  1
How to Take Apart Your Xbox Series X|S Controller

If you need to repair or maintain your Xbox Series X|S controller, you'll need to take it apart. Here's how to do it.

geforce-rtx-gpu 1
What Is GPU Sag and How Do You Fix It?

GPUs increase in size with each generation, and GPU sag is becoming more of an issue. But what can you actually do about it?

a man surrounded by clutter and belongings 1
Keep Track of Your Belongings by Self-Hosting HomeBox on Raspberry Pi

With the open-source HomeBox installed on Raspberry Pi, you can use its web GUI to organize and keep track of your possessions.

mouse and keyboard angled 1
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Custom Mechanical Keyboards

Custom keyboards are awesome, but where do you get started?

A person holding their smartphone next to a smart lock on a door. 1
Does DIY Home Security Really Keep You Safe?

DIY home security is more than just a simple camera system. Here's how it can make your home safer.

Two Raspberry Pi 2B boards on a wooden surface 1
4 Powerful SBCs for When You Need Extra Computing Power

Some projects need more juice, even if you're using a small board.

raspberry pi pico 1
How to Power a Raspberry Pi Pico

There’s more than one way to power a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board, depending on your particular project needs.

raspberry-pi-gpio 1
The 10 Best Raspberry Pi HATs and Add-On Boards in 2023

There’s a bewildering array of Raspberry Pi add-on boards on the market. We pick out the best ones to use in your projects.

arduino microcontroller and other parts 1
8 Awesome DIY Arduino Projects to Upgrade Your Car

Here's how to modify your ride using an Arduino microcontroller.

Arduino Nano ESP32 board 1
How the New Arduino Nano ESP32 Makes IoT Projects a Breeze

The latest addition to the Arduino Nano family offers an easy way to start making IoT projects.

Raspberry Pi Pico W with Bluetooth logo 1
How to Read a Raspberry Pi Pico W Sensor Using Bluetooth

Make use of the Pico W’s Bluetooth connectivity to transmit values from its temperature sensor to an Android phone.

Filament tip showing a successful cold pull procedure ste against the backdrop of a Voron 0.1 3D printer. 1
How to Clean Your 3D Printer’s Nozzle With a Cold Pull

Learn how to perform a cold pull to clear partial nozzle clogs and prevent future clogs.

sillhouettes of people partying 1
How to Install Misskey on Raspberry Pi

Create your own custom microblogging platform by installing Misskey on a Raspberry Pi. Here’s how to do it.

a collection of photograhs held in two hands 1
Immich Is a Great Google Photos Alternative You Can Host on Raspberry Pi

Want a self-hosted photo storage solution as an alternative to Google Photos or Apple iCloud? Here's how to install Immich on Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi OS logo with Raspberry Pi board background 1
How to Turn On a Raspberry Pi: 5 Ways

There are several different methods available for powering up your Raspberry Pi.