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Electric Vehicles

Whether you drive an electric vehicle or are looking to make the most of the tech in your current car, there's plenty to learn about EVs and other exciting automotive technology features.

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Fisker Pear unveiling 1
4 Features That Could Make the Fisker PEAR a Compact EV Winner

Fisker has silenced all the critics by starting production of the Ocean, but now it’s looking to expand the lineup with a more affordable model.

woman wearing black jacket standing at dealership standing next to a black car  1
Which Depreciates Faster? Electric Vehicles vs. Gasoline Vehicles

EVs are more expensive to buy than ICE vehicles, but do they hold that extra value over time?

self driving tesla cockpit 1
What Are Self-Driving Cars and How Do They Work?

Automakers are already offering semi-autonomous driving on cars, but this is just preparation for when they will not need a driver at all.

bmw ix m60 silver germany  1
Are Electric Cars Really Better for the Environment?

While EVs are touted as the magic bullet that will cull pollution, they still have a long way to go before actually achieving that dream.

BMW EV charging 1
How to Extend Your EV’s Battery Life

Electric vehicles' large and expensive traction batteries require special attention for extra-long life.

close up shot of electric car being charged 1
5 Reasons Why You Should Lease an EV Before Buying One

If you want to invest in an electric vehicle, consider leasing as a way to benefit from tax incentives and familiarize yourself with the technology.

tesla model x and y with mountain background 1
Tesla Model X vs. Model Y: What's the Difference?

Tesla's two SUVs may look similar from a distance, but the closer you get and the more you compare, you start to see some big differences.

Modified Dacia 1310 in the pits 1
How to Ask ChatGPT to Help Modify Your Car

If you’re unsure what mods you need for your car to reach a certain level of performance, ChatGPT can be surprisingly useful.

man with a prosthetic leg riding an ebike 1
Why You Should Wear Motorcycle Gear When Riding Powerful E-Bikes

With the kind of performance that some electrically assisted bicycles provide, you really should be wearing a lot more than a bike helmet.

Porsche Taycan GTS on 21-inch wheels 1
Are Big Wheels Ruining Your EV's Range?

They may make your electric vehicle look good, but that's about the only advantage brought by larger wheels.

Tesla Safety Score of 90 1
How to See Your Tesla Safety Score

The Tesla Safety Score is easy to access through the Tesla app on your phone.

arduino microcontroller and other parts 1
8 Awesome DIY Arduino Projects to Upgrade Your Car

Here's how to modify your ride using an Arduino microcontroller.

close up shot of ev charger inserted into car charging port 1
Should You Be Concerned About EV Charger Hacking?

EV charger hacking isn't especially common, but as more EVs and charging stations are created, the likelihood of it happening will certainly increase.

tesla solar roof completed installation image 1
How to Use Tesla's Charge on Solar Feature to Power Your EV

With this handy Tesla feature, you can divert excess solar energy from a Powerwall into charging your electric vehicle.

CCS Connector plugging in 1
What Is CCS? The Most Common Standard for Fast-Charging EVs

If you have any questions about the CCS charging standard for electric vehicles, they will most likely be answered here.

Someone connecting mobile with car 1
10 Reasons Your Next Car Needs Bluetooth

Buying a new car? Make sure it has in-car Bluetooth!

image of tesla steering wheel and dash 1
8 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy a Tesla

Tesla is the world's most popular and prosperous electric vehicle manufacturer, but its cars are far from perfect.

Android Auto on car infotainment system 1
7 Important Android Auto Settings You Should Tweak ASAP

Here are the most useful settings you should change in Android Auto, both in its developer settings and the main options page.

Hands on steering wheel with phone showing Android Auto logo 1
Why Is Android Auto Not Working? 8 Troubleshooting Fixes

Has Android Auto stopped working or won't connect to your car? These Android Auto troubleshooting steps will fix the problem.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N drifting sideways on a race track 1
2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Challenges the Quickest EVs in the World

The quickest-ever Hyundai is the fully electric Ioniq 5 N, which has the performance to match some of the world's best performance EVs.