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Everything about the five major operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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A monitor on a wooden table next to a printer 1
How to Fix a Slow Printer on Windows

Printers are already a headache without them printing slower than usual. Here's how to remedy it on Windows.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 on a gray table top 1
Fold vs. Flip: Which Is the Better Form Factor for Foldable Phones?

Do you want a larger device that opens up to resemble a tablet, or a smaller one that's more like a classic flip phone?

iphone wifi menu with a macbook in the background 1
How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password to a Mac

Want to connect your Mac to a Wi-Fi network that your other devices are connected to? You have multiple options.

valorant game running on monitor 1
How to Fix FPS Drops and Boost Your Performance in Valorant for Windows

Improve your performance with these tips for Valorant on Windows.

Prime Day Google Pixel 1
Best Google Pixel Deals: Pixel 7a Gets Its Best Price Ever, Pixel Tab Goes on Sale

Some Google Pixel devices still have those glorious Prime Day prices.

Prime Day Mini PC (1) 1
The Best Mini PC Deals: Save Big on These Tiny Computers

Mini PCs are a fantastic addition to your desk, so pick one that's on sale.

A Windows Laptop on a Wooden Table 1
Drag and Drop Not Working in Windows 11? Try These Fixes

Is the drag and drop feature not working on your Windows computer? Here are some quick and easy ways to fix it.

iOS 17 icon on iPhone screen 1
What Can You Do if Your iPhone Doesn't Support iOS 17?

Do you have an old iPhone that's ineligible for Apple's iOS 17 update? Here are your options.

A half closed MacBook in a dim room 1
MacBook Not Entering Sleep Mode When the Lid Is Closed? 6 Fixes to Try

Is closing your MacBook's lid not putting it in sleep mode? Here, we'll discuss why this happens and teach you how to resolve it.

best tablet deals 1
Best Tablet Deals: Save Hundreds on Your New Favorite Tablet

This season, it's time to save money on a new tablet.

RAR icon in front of a MacBook  1
6 Ways to Fix the Checksum Error in WinRAR

WinRAR can run into a Checksum error when you're trying to extract an archive file. Here are some troubleshooting methods to fix it.

Close up of pregnant woman putting hands on stomach 1
The 5 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Android

These apps will help you track your pregnancy journey and monitor your own health as you go.

man uses laptop with usb drive plugged in 1
3 Quick Ways to Disable USB Selective Suspend in Windows 11

The USB Selective Suspend is a nifty feature on Windows, but while useful, it can sometimes prove troublesome. Here's how to disable it.

Person listening to music while wearing headphones 1
How to Listen to Apple Music’s Discovery Station to Discover New Music

Tired of hearing the same old songs? Apple Music's Discovery Station is making it easier to discover your next favorite artists in a few taps.

Apps running on Debian system 1
The Top 12 Must-Have Apps for Debian Users

Installing Debian on your PC is a cinch, but finding apps to install afterward is tough. Here's a list of the best Debian apps to install on your PC.

run chatgpt as windows app 1
How to Install and Run ChatGPT as a Windows App

Keep ChatGPT a click away by making it a Windows app.

Man in Yellow Jacket Using Apple Vision Pro to Browse the Internet 1
Meta Quest Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro: Will Apple Achieve What Meta Couldn’t?

The Meta Quest Pro and Apple Vision Pro are very different headsets, but which one has the advantage in capturing the market? Let's find out.

Black Monitor and a laptop on a table 1
How to Fix the “Your PC Can’t Project to Another Screen” Error on Windows

Are you trying to project to another screen on Windows but keep running into an error? Here are some quick and easy ways to fix it.

A person playing a game on a smartphone 1
The Pros and Cons of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming can be a fun time, but it isn't without its negatives. We'll outline some of the highs and lows of mobile gaming.

collage photos of woman with different facial expressions 1
How to Choose the Right Workout Based on Your Mood

Whether you're feeling happy or sad, tired or energetic, use that to your advantage and pick a workout that matches.