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For everyone from expert programmers to those new to coding. You’ll find everything from introductory guides to Python and SQL, to expert CSS and VB.Net code examples.

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Library full of books 1
Create a Book Borrowing System for Libraries Using Python

Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to build a basic data-management app with a simple GUI frontend.

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How to Install and Configure PostgreSQL in Django

PostgreSQL is one of the best choices for a secure storage environment. Learn how to integrate it with Django.

A developer writing React code on a laptop. 1
Building Engaging Notifications With Toastr in React

If you are looking for a library to develop customizable and engaging notifications, Toastr is an excellent choice.

Bionic hand and human hand finger pointing 1
How Developers Feel AI Will Impact Their Workflow

AI has significantly influenced numerous professions, and developers are no exception. But what are developers' thoughts on this technology?

Raspberry Pi OS logo with Raspberry Pi board background 1
The Best Programming Languages to Use With the Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi single-board computer is ideal for learning to program on, but which language should you choose?

A close-up of a mobile phone being held by two hands 1
How to Implement Smooth Scrolling in JavaScript: A Guide for Web Developers

Make your same-page links slightly nicer to use with this native smooth-scrolling effect.

Python logo with the words instance, static, and class imposed on a laptop background 1
Instance vs. Static vs. Class Methods in Python: The Important Differences

Python method types can be confusing for beginners. This quick guide will help you understand the differences and when to use each one.

The word “API” surrounded by abstract icons 1
5 Ways to Efficiently Handle Errors in Express.js Applications With Practical Examples

Discover the various types of error you can handle, and how you can use Express.js to deal with them.

Computer screen displaying code 1
An Introduction to Web Scraping With Cheerio

If a website fails to provide a good API, your next best bet is to scrape its content. Cheerio, and Express.js, will help you do just that.

An image showing two people joining hands behind nodes 1
A Beginner’s Guide to Interacting With Smart Contracts Using JavaScript

Make use of the Web3.js JavaScript library to establish a seamless interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

A lady working on a 3D model on her computer 1
The 7 Best Websites for Downloading Free Visual Game Assets

You don’t always need to pay to download visual game assets. Thanks to these free websites!

A Rust logo superimposed on a photograph of somebody working on an iMac desktop computer 1
An Introduction to Asynchronous Programming in Rust

Asynchronous programming is an important concept that you must be aware of as a Rust developer.

Python and code 1
A Beginner’s Guide to Creating and Using Packages in Python

Learn how to create, distribute, and use packages in Python with the help of this guide.

Laptop open on a desk showing an image of a bright street scene at night 1
How to Convert an Image Into a PDF Using Python

Organize your images into PDFs and learn how to use Tkinter to build this handy utility.

enemies drawing on the wall 1
How to Create Enemies in Godot Games

Many games include some kind of foe to battle with. Explore the various ways you can add—and finesse—enemy combat.

Generic paper men 1
How to Create and Use a Generic Class in Java

Generic classes facilitate reusability. Make your code scalable and efficient using generic classes in Java.

audio mixer with some buttons 1
How to Implement Sound Effects and Background Music in Godot

Games without sound effects can feel dull and unexciting. Enhance your gaming experience by incorporating background music and sound effects.

arcade game with health and score 1
How to Implement a Health and Damage System in Godot

Enhance your gameplay experience in Godot by incorporating a health and damage system.

a developer using a state management control plugin 1
An Introduction to Pinia in Vue.js

Create simple, state-based apps with ease using this JavaScript library.

a man in a black vest and white dress sitting on a black chair 1
9 Challenges Every Software Developer Faces and How to Tackle Them

Are you a software developer struggling with the challenges of the job? Here are some challenges you face and how to tackle them.