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Smart Home

Don’t be a slave to life: automate everything! We’ll show you how to convert your ordinary house into a home of the future.

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Door with key in lock 1
Build a DIY Door Status Sensor for Home Security

A smart door sensor can send its open or closed status to your Home Assistant server for enhanced home security.

alexa speaker surrounded by various white icons 1
16 Alexa Routines for Every Part of Your Day

Make Alexa Routines work with you with this list of options that span everything from wake up to bedtime.

Tesla Powerwall installed outside a home  1
9 Benefits of Using a Home Battery Backup

Are you considering a home backup battery? Here are some advantages of the technology.

Apple Home App Displayed on an iPhone in Front of a House 1
How to Create and Manage Multiple HomeKit Homes

We'll show you how to manage multiple Apple-friendly smart homes with the Home app.

google home speaker and google home app displayed on smartphone 1
6 Ways to Protect Your Smart Home From Hackers

Make your smart home more secure with these tips.

Cast to Fire TV 1
How to Cast to an Amazon Fire Stick

We'll show you how to cast from a Windows PC along with an Android and iOS device.

fire tv storage 1
How to Add More Storage to an Amazon Fire TV Stick

We'll show you how to bulk up the storage on Amazon's streaming device.

child sittting at table using tablet to read 1
The 8 Best Types of Smart Gadgets to Help Kids Stay Happy and Healthy

While moderation is important for kids and their technology, these smart devices can promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

Amazon Echo Show 10 in the Kitchen 1
A Comparison Guide to Amazon Echo Devices: Which One Is Best for You?

Which Amazon Echo device is right for you? We'll compare the top option to help you decide.

close up of robot companion being pet by owner 1
The Robotic Companions Designed to Shape Your Well-Being

From adorable pets to lifelike humanoid devices, robots are advancing to a point where they can act as real wellness companions.

design plans for an outdoor area 1
The 8 Best Free Online Landscape and Garden Design Tools

You don't need expensive software to plan out a patio, deck, or garden. Here are the best free online tools for your garden.

Sunpower SunVault in a residential home  1
How to Choose the Best Home Battery Backup

We're here to help you find the best home backup battery to use when the lights go out.

anker 548 power bank charging 1
Anker 548 Power Bank Review: Perfect for an Emergency and More

The inexpensive and portable power bank can charge multiple devices simultaneously and even provide a light.

Rear angle of woman using smart exercise bike 1
4 Ways to Incorporate VR Into Your Workout Without a Headset

With smart bikes, treadmills, and other workout equipment, you can experience VR fitness without a headset.

The Philips Hue app now offers a new and improved home screen for users 1
How Do Smart Bulbs Work? And Should You Buy Some?

Find out more about how the popular smart home technology helps brighten up your space.

Friends Camping With Yooatom Origin 800 Powering Their Devices 1
A person holding their smartphone next to a smart lock on a door. 1
Does DIY Home Security Really Keep You Safe?

DIY home security is more than just a simple camera system. Here's how it can make your home safer.

Amazon Echo Dot in a shelf in a kitchen 1
How to Put Your Amazon Echo in Setup Mode

Refine your Amazon Echo settings by entering into setup mode. We'll show you how.

apple-tv-remote 1
Is Your Apple TV Remote Not Working? 5 Ways to Fix It

Use these simple troubleshooting tips to get your remote back up and working on your Apple TV.

Young Man Lying On Sofa Using Remote Control In Front Of Television 1
The Best Budget Smart TVs

The price of TVs varies wildly. You can literally be looking at thousands of dollars separating the cheapest models from the most expensive ones.