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storj arweave filecoin logos with filing cabinet background feature 1
Filecoin vs. Arweave vs. Storj: Which Decentralized Storage Is Best?

Decentralized storage is a viable alternative to cloud storage, but what's the best option?

Windows laptop on white background 1
Is Your Laptop Touchpad Not Working? Here's the Fix

Try these touchpad troubleshooting tips to get your laptop's mouse cursor working again in no time.

digital graphic of person using 5g on phone with multiple connection points 1
What Is 5G? Here's How It'll Make Mobile Internet Faster and Better

Feel your mobile internet is too slow? 5G is the latest generation of mobile internet, and will make mobile data faster than ever.

USB C memory stick 1
5 Cons of USB-C Connectors You Should Know About

USB-C connectors are great, but they're not without flaws.

Various crypto coins 1
What Is a CD Crypto Wallet, and Can You Use It to Store Crypto?

Wait, you can store your cryptocurrency on a CD? Is that even safe?

hand on laptop 1
What Is Lorem Ipsum Text and What Does It Mean?

What is lorem ipsum text, what does it mean, and where did it come from? Here's everything you need to know, including how to generate your own.

an Intel NUC PC on a desk 1
The 5 Best Alternatives to the Intel NUC

Intel is discontinuing its NUC series, but there are some great alternatives to choose from.

close up photo of ethernet cable head 1
How Long Can an Ethernet Cable Be Before It Loses Signal?

How far can that Ethernet cable stretch before you need to consider different options?

apple visionOS m1 r1 chip on device feature 1
What Is Apple's R1 Chip and How Does It Compare to M1 and M2?

Apple's new headset comes with a completely new chip.

Blank TV screen 1
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, Netflix Shoots Itself in the Foot, and Is Mac Gaming a Thing?

Could you one day be playing AAA games on a Mac, rather than a PC or game console? And how has Netflix upset striking actors and writers?

A smart phone sitting on a laptop computer, both running Ethereum wallets 1
How to Create an Ethereum Wallet to Safely Store Your Ethereum

Want to hold Ethereum safely and securely? Here's how.

laptop battery and other internals 1
How to Care for Your Non-Removable Laptop Battery

Follow these top tips to ensure that the non-removable battery in your laptop lasts as long as possible.

claude chatgpt apps on smartphone screen feature 1
Claude vs. ChatGPT: Which AI Chatbot Is Best for Everyday Tasks?

Which generative AI chatbot will you be using?

AirPods by a colorful MacBook screen 1
No, AirPods Aren't Waterproof: What You Can Do if They Get Wet

Are your AirPods waterproof? No, they're not—not even the AirPods Pro. Here's what you should do if you get your AirPods wet.

chatgpt website url behind magnifying glass 1
7 Questions and Requests ChatGPT Cannot Answer or Process

ChatGPT is great for many questions and tasks, but there are several requests it will not answer.

Image of a PC case from Fractal Design (Meshify 2 Nano) 1
What Is a PSU Shroud? Should You Consider Using One?

If you're building a new PC, do you need a PSU shroud?

three phones with cracked screens 1
Cracked Phone Screen? Here's How to Know if It's Serious

When your screen cracks, do you need to replace it immediately?

Learn and earn crypto 1
Group of AI robots 1
The 7 Best Local/Offline LLMs You Can Try Right Now

Looking for LLMs you can locally run on your computer? We've got you covered!

Close-up of a Printed Photo beside an Epson Printer 1
What Is a Sublimation Printer and What Can You Do With One?

Sublimation printers produce colorful and durable designs. Discover how they work to better harness their potential for your creative projects.