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Man checking phone on knee 1
How Smartphones Steal Your Attention and How to Protect Your Mental Health

Smartphones and mobile apps increasingly demand your attention. Here's how they do it, and tips to manage the attention you give to your devices.

How to improve your health in 10 minutes 1
How to Improve Your Health With Digital Tools in Under 10 Minutes a Day

Build sustainable wellness habits by starting with these quick activities that you can do in 10 minutes or less.

red-haired woman lying outside on grass 1
Rest Your Mind and Body With These 8 Yoga Nidra Apps and Online Courses

Enjoy a deep state of relaxation and stress relief with these apps for yoga nidra, a practice that aims to help you rest and feel refreshed.

Bryan Johnson Holding Pill Via YouTube 1
Tech Tips for Following Bryan Johnson's Anti-Aging Routine

Use technology you have—as well as gadgets you can buy today—to follow the key steps of this anti-aging regimen.

woman sleeping with her phone nearby 1
The 7 Best Free Sleep Apps to Help You Get to Sleep

Sleep is crucial for both mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. You don't need expensive equipment to fall asleep, either.

relaxed women wearing earphones and lying down on yoga mat 1
Relax and Promote Calmness With These 10 Free Yoga Nidra YouTube Classes

Yoga nidra involves deep relaxation, and if you're interested in trying this meditative form of yoga, start with these free YouTube videos.

How to look after your pelvic floor health 1
The 10 Best Pelvic Floor Resources for Women to Promote Good Health

These valuable online resources, videos, and apps can help you learn about your pelvic floor and how to strengthen it.

Gazpacho in a bowl against a marble background 1
4 Apps for Healthy Summer Dishes That Are Best Served Cold

Learn to prepare some delicious, refreshing, and healthy dishes for hot weather with these mobile apps.

Woman Stretching for Workout 1
How to Set Up a Weekly Fitness Program With FitOn’s Free Plan

Make the most of FitOn's free plan for a fitness planner and progress tracker that's full of useful features—even without a subscription.

Smiling runners in a crowded road race 1
5 Tech-Driven Ways to Boost Mental Health With Exercise

Exercise is crucial to your mental wellbeing, and you can use technology to help in several ways.

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The 10 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Intermittent fasting can be a useful tool for mental clarity, and there are several apps to help you.

a woman asleep in bed with a phone next to her 1
Why You Shouldn't Check Your Phone When You Wake Up

Checking your smartphone first thing in the morning might be an automatic reaction, but there are quite a few reasons to avoid doing this.

happy smiling woman holding flower bunch 1
8 Online Sources to Find and Kick Off a Happiness Challenge

Trying a happiness challenge might both improve your life and add some fun to it. Here are some great resources for starting points.

Two athletes sitting on a track looking at data on a smartwatch 1
How to Set Up and Share Apple Fitness+ With Users in Your Apple Family

If you want your family to use Apple Fitness+, you can set each of them up with the program.

Three Big Bodybuilders in Stringers Posing at Rugged Gym 1
9 Wholesome Fitness Influencers That Present Sustainable Solutions

Fitness influencers can vary in terms of quality, and it's important to not only look for short-term solutions.

Best Websites for Women's Health Information 1
The 5 Best Online Resources for Women’s Health Advice and Information

When you're looking for reputable, detailed information on women's health, these are the digital resources to check out.

child sittting at table using tablet to read 1
The 8 Best Types of Smart Gadgets to Help Kids Stay Happy and Healthy

While moderation is important for kids and their technology, these smart devices can promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

the best noom alternative apps, including myfitnesspal, eat right now, and mindful eating coach (1) 1
The 7 Best Noom Alternatives for Dieting and Health

Noom is a popular dieting app, but its subscription price is too steep for some. These Noom alternatives are free or more affordable.

Phone With Hypnotizing Circles on Blurry Finger Pointing at head 1
How Technology Feeds the Constant Need for Stimulation

From out-of-control notifications and FOMO to smartphone addiction, technology has many ways of grabbing your attention and making you want more.

An Apple Watch sitting on an Apple Macbook 1
How to Set Up an Apple Watch for a Senior

Learn everything you need to know about setting up an Apple Watch's health, safety, and convenience features for an elderly user.