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Being able to put thoughts into better words is one of the best things ChatGPT can do. This feature can be put to great use to write better emails or summarize long messages that you don't want to read.

While you can do both through ChatGPT, you'll need to know the right prompts. Instead, why not rely on some of the many free apps that make the process easier. Browser extensions will put these abilities into your Gmail itself, or you can use third-party apps that don't have access to your private data but still are easier to use than ChatGPT itself.

1. Rizemail (Web): Email Summaries Without Leaving Your Inbox

Rizemail uses ChatGPT to summarize any email you send to it, without needing you to install any extension or even make an account

AI is a great relief for any online content that seems too long to consume, such as summaries of YouTube videos and quick precis of longread articles. Of course, you can also use it for emails that are too long. And with Rizemail, you don't need to install any extension, register for OpenAI or any account, and in fact, never even leave your inbox, so it's easier to use on phones.

When you get a long email that you don't want to read, just forward it to "" and go back to browsing your inbox. In a few minutes, you'll get a reply from Rizemail that contains a summary of the email's contents. While it is great at summarizing the body text in a message, it struggles with attachments.

Rizemail is completely free to use, doesn't serve ads, and doesn't even require you to register for an account. Currently, you can use it to summarize 100 mails a month from your email account. It works especially well for newsletters you might have subscribed to.

2. GhostWrite (Chrome): Use ChatGPT to Write Emails, and Choose Length and Tone

GhostWrite is the best AI extension for Chrome to generate messages in Gmail using ChatGPT prompts and summarize emails in your inbox

GhostWrite is one of the best extensions for those who want to use ChatGPT to write work emails without learning all the prompts or priming them for you. Once you install the app and sign in with your Gmail, you get a free Personal account to compose up to 100 messages monthly, which is perhaps the most you'll get for free in any extension. Currently, the service works only on Chromium-based browsers with Gmail.

Open the Compose window in Gmail to find a new GhostWrite box below the To and Subject fields. Quickly say what you want ChatGPT to compose a mail about. You can choose the tone (professional, formal, friendly, casual, very casual, direct, persuasive), length (concise, short, medium, long, automatic), and language if you don't want it in English. GhostWrite will take a few seconds to think and then give you one or more email composition options, which you can insert into the body and send.

The GhostWrite Chrome extension can also summarize emails in your inbox. When you open any message, you'll find a Summarize button next to the sender. Click it, and GhostWrite will open a dialog box in the message itself with a summary of the contents.

Download: GhostWrite for Chrome (Free)

3. SuperReply (Chrome): AI-Generated Tone-Based Replies for Gmail and Outlook

Most ChatGPT-based AI email helpers work only with Gmail, but SuperReply is a rare exception that also supports Outlook. You can't use it with the Outlook desktop app, but it works smoothly if you open the Outlook web app in your Chrome browser (after installing the SuperReply extension).

SuperReply's aim is to help you quickly reply to any email based on the kind of tone you want. Next to the Reply button under any message, you'll see a SuperReply button, which gives you five tone options: Matching (matches the sender's tone), business (strictly professional language), casual (light and friendly), empower (give a boost to the sender), and not interested (decline politely). Each tone choice also generates multiple email compositions that you can pick from.

The free version of SuperReply gives you 90 replies per month. It also includes a cool shortcut where you can activate the extension from the inbox itself without opening the message, saving you time and clicks.

Download: SuperReply for Chrome (Free)

4. PolitePost and ConcisePost (Web): Make Emails Professional or Concise

PolitePost is an ideal tool for those whose emails are often seen as curt or rude, to turn them into professional and polite messages with ChatGPT

Those who have often been accused of sounding curt or rude in email communication within the workspace will love PolitePost. This free web app provides a space for you to write an email the way you normally would (or even more casually or rudely if you want). Using OpenAI, it'll then give you a professional-sounding polite email template in 20 seconds. Simply copy-paste it and replace the parenthetical prompts with your details.

And then there's the sister app, ConcisePost. This is for those who have been accused of writing long emails that don't get to the point or quickly address the issue. Again, post your long-winded message into the box, and in 20 seconds, you'll find a concise and to-the-point message that wastes no one's time.

Both PolitePost and ConcisePost are completely free, with no hidden charges or ads. Interestingly, in the About section, the developer posts the monthly cost of running the site. If you find it worthwhile, perhaps consider making a donation.

5. VoxReply (Web): Turn Voice Notes Into Professional Emails

With VoxReply, you can dictate what you want to say in an email with a voice note, and it'll use ChatGPT to generate a professional message

Not everyone is great with the written word. If you prefer to voice out your thoughts, VoxReply is the intelligent assistant you need to turn them into professional-sounding emails.

It's a simple interface where you click the "Start Recording" button and start speaking into your computer or phone. You can pause the recording if you need to take a break, and whenever you're done, click finish recording. There's also an option to add any notes in the text. Finally, click Generate Email Reply, and VoxReply will give you a template for a professional message.

The app doesn't store your voice notes on its servers. Currently, VoxReply only generates formal emails in English, with no options to change tone or language.

Sign Up for Gmail's Built-In AI Helper

All the AI helpers in this article are based on OpenAI's ChatGPT and do an excellent job of helping you write emails. But ChatGPT isn't the only AI model out there. Google has been competing with its own Bard AI, and not many people know that there's a tool in Gmail to help you draft messages.

The Help Me Write feature in Gmail is available for those who use Google Workspace Labs. It adds an option in the Compose box where you can tell Gmail what you want to write, and it'll generate an email message for you. Of course, it's still in beta, so use it with caution.