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A pair of hands holding an iPhone 1
The App Store Is Missing a Wish List: Here Are 3 Apps to Use Instead

Apple's App Store does not have a wish list feature anymore, but these built-in iPhone apps serve as a workaround.

student typing on an iPad 1
The 7 Best iPad Apps to Help Students Excel at School

If you're a student looking to ace your classes, install some of these must-have iPad apps to stay ahead of the curve.

App Store on a MacBook 1
How to Cancel Subscriptions on Your Mac

Keep track of your App Store subscriptions by canceling any you no longer need using your Mac.

ChatGPT search results on the iPhone App Store 1
How to Spot Fake ChatGPT Apps on the Apple App Store

Looking to use ChatGPT AI on your iPhone? Be extra vigilant because cybercriminals are spreading fake versions to scam innocent users like you.

App Store icon with a rocket 1
6 Ways the Apple App Store Revolutionized the Smartphone Industry

Apple's App Store played a huge role in making the smartphones we know and love today. Here's how it disrupted the mobile industry for good.

Apple Store and App Store illustration 1
Apple Store vs. Apple App Store: What’s the Difference?

Apple Store and App Store may sound similar, but they differ entirely. So, learn the difference if you're new to the Apple ecosystem.

ChatGPT running on an iPhone 14 Pro 1
6 Reasons the ChatGPT iOS App Is Better Than the Website

OpenAI's ChatGPT app for iPhone can do more than what its website can, and here's why you should install it.

mac-dock-everything 1
7 Types of Apps You Should Install With Caution on Your Mac

Be careful while installing third-party apps on your Mac, especially the ones that fall under any of these categories.

hand holding iphone showing app store today tab  1
5 Tips to Discover New and Interesting Apps in the iPhone App Store

Discover interesting iPhone apps much more quickly with these App Store tips.

iPhone next to presents 1
How to Gift an App From Your iPhone or iPad

Don't have the time to purchase physical gifts? Here's how to send a paid app to your loved one from your iPhone or iPad.

Woman running next to a smartphone showing a fitness app 1
Health and Fitness Apps Are Violating Your Privacy: How to Protect Yourself

Trying to get fitter but worried about apps collecting your personal details? Don't sweat it: here's what you can do to keep your data private.

Flight simulators on iPhone 1
The 8 Best Flight Simulators for Your iPhone

The iPhone may not support Microsoft Flight Simulator, but you can still install these great flight simulators from the App Store for free!

App Store on a MacBook 1
How to Hide App Store Purchases on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Want some of your app purchases to be private? We'll teach you how to hide them.

App Store on a MacBook 1
How to View and Manage Your App Store Purchases on a Mac

Want to see everything you've purchased from the App Store recently? This guide will show you how to track and manage your app purchases.

a smiling woman using a smartphone with a laptop on her lap 1
Explore Apple App Store’s Award Winning Wellness Apps of 2022

You'll find plenty of wellness apps on the App Store, but which ones are the best? We investigate.

Apps for national parks 1
8 Apps You Need When Visiting National and State Parks

Planning to visit a national park soon? Make sure your trip is hassle-free by using these apps to help you navigate trails and find campsites.

damaged road after earthquake 1
The 7 Best Apps for Earthquake Alerts and Tracking on iPhone

If you live in a region that's prone to earthquakes, you install one or more of these apps on your iPhone for tracking and alerts.

Three iPhones running the App Store, Cydia, and AltStore in front of black and white Apple store 1
5 Reasons Forced Sideloading Will Make the iPhone Worse

To comply with EU law, Apple is considering sideloading and third-party app stores for iOS 17. Here's why this will make the iPhone worse.

LiDAR sensor iPhone 1
The 6 Best LiDAR Apps for iPhone and iPad

Put the LiDAR sensor on your iPhone or iPad to good use by installing one or more of these apps from the App Store.

App Store icon on a blue background 1
Why Apple Added 700 New Price Points to the App Store

Developers can now sell their apps at more prices than ever before, and some free apps can even become paid. Here's everything you need to know.