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Why Instagram Won't Let You Create a New Account

You may have violated Instagram's terms and conditions. Review various reasons why the platform doesn't let you make a new account.

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5 Features Coming to Instagram Threads

Threads launched with a simple layout and far fewer features than its rivals. However, Meta has a handful of new Threads features on the way.

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Why Your Instagram Reels Are Not Getting Views (and How to Fix It)

Here are some of the reasons your Instagram Reels might not be performing as expected and how to fix it.

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How to Remove the Threads Shortcut From Your Instagram Account

If you have a Threads account, a shortcut linking to it appears on your Instagram profile. Here's how to remove it.

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9 Reasons Why You Can't Tag Someone on Instagram (And Their Fixes)

Are you having trouble tagging an account in a post on Instagram? Here are the potential reasons and how to fix these issues.

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How to Check If Someone Blocked You on Instagram: 7 Methods

Getting blocked on Instagram can hurt, especially if it was done by someone you know well. Here's how to check if they have.

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How to Mute Instagram Stories

You can't get rid of the Instagram Stories feature completely, but you can mute them to stop them from appearing on your feed.

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How to Deactivate (or Delete) Your Instagram Account

Whether you just need a forced break from Instagram or you're sick of the service altogether, there are ways to deactivate or delete your account.

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How to Enable Threads' Following Tab

Threads' Following tab it's the easiest way to check what the people you follow are up to. Here's how you can use this feature.

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The Top 20 Social Media Apps and Sites in 2023

Are you a huge fan of social media and networking? Here's our list of the top social media apps and sites.

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What Is a Call to Action? And Why Content Creators Need to Use One

A strong call to action can help you connect with your audience and grow your success as a content creator.