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Linux Commands

Learn to master the Terminal with guides on various Linux commands.

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12 Things That Are Easier to Do in the Linux Command Line

Sometimes it's just faster and easier to use the command line on Linux. Who needs a GUI, anyway?

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How to List Installed Packages on Linux

It's easy to see which packages you have installed on your Linux PC with these commands.

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How to Use pstree to Display Running Linux Processes as a Tree

pstree lets you view running processes on a Linux system in a tree-like format. Here's how you can install and use it on your PC.

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How to Access and Use Command History in Vim

You don't need to retype previously run commands in Vim. Use Vim's command history feature instead.

how to send linux commands to background 1
How to Run Linux Commands in the Background

Linux command taking too long to finish? Use any of these six methods to send it to the background.

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5 Easy Ways to Check for Open Ports on Linux

Know your network inside out by regularly checking for open ports with these Linux commands.

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How to Quickly Reset a Forgotten Password on Ubuntu

If you've somehow forgotten your Ubuntu password, don't worry, it's easy to log back in to your system by resetting the password.

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How to Fix the?"sudo: command not found" Error on Linux

Sometimes, when you try to run a command as the root user using sudo, you receive a "command not found" error. Here's how to fix it.

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Manage Package Dependencies on Linux Like a Pro With the ldd Command

Learn dependency management using the ldd command to better administer your Linux machine and installed packages.

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which vs. whereis vs. whatis in Linux: What Are the Differences?

The which, whereis, and whatis commands may sound similar to a Linux newcomer, but they are more different than you might think.