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PC Jargon and Terminology

Confused by unclear abbreviations or not sure what a new tech buzzword means? We'll explain what you should know in plain English.

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Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV promo image 1
What Is Neo QLED? Is It Better Than QLED and OLED?

You want a new TV, but there's so much jargon! Well, Samsung's Neo QLED is the latest acronym to learn, and we're here to explain it.

motherboard side view io ports feature 1
10 Motherboard Specs and Terms You Should Know

Buying a new motherboard? These are the specs and terms to look out for!

web3 in binary code feature 1
Web3 vs. Web 3.0: What's the Difference?

Similar names, different focus.

theregisti-xm0ujnOcEJ8-unsplash 1
HDMI 2.1 vs. 2.0 vs. 1.4 Explained Simply

Even though the plug and socket are the same, there are numerous different HDMI standards.

The 8 Main Motherboard Parts and What They Do

A motherboard is the centerpiece of a computer, but they're seen as mysterious hardware that shouldn't be tinkered with.

android messages in google play store listing feature 1
RCS vs. MMS vs. SMS: What's the Difference?

So many messaging protocols, but which one should you use?

person using an iPhone 14 Pro 1
What Is Apple's ProMotion Display? Everything You Need to Know

It's hard to keep up with Apple's fancy words sometimes, but ProMotion is more important than you'd think. You can learn all about it here.

Pioneer PLX500 turntable rear side showing connection ports 1
What's the Difference Between Phono and Line?

Confused while connecting your record player? Suffering to get your speakers working? We've come to the rescue!

ddr4 ram 1
What Is Dual Channel Memory and How Does It Work?

Computer manufacturers and enthusiasts often talk about single, dual, and quad-channel memory, but what are these?

wooden blocks with api and other logos feature 1
What Is an API and What Are They Used For?

You've likely come across the term API before while browsing the web. Keep reading to find out what an API is and how they might be used.

half closed laptop in dark room 1
The 8 Biggest Tech Myths You May Still Believe

Relax. We've all believed at least one of these over the years, but it's time to put these tech myths to bed.

Couple setting up app on TV 1
What Is Samsung's Auto Motion Plus? Everything You Need to Know

Samsung's Auto Motion Plus, just like any other motion interpolation tech, is proof that not always more is merrier.

binary vs source packages in linux 1
Binary vs. Source Packages: Which Should You Use?

Linux users have two main ways to install software: use a pre-built package or compile from source. Here's what you need to know.

Closeup of Computer Motherboard 1
Motherboard vs. Circuit Board: What's the Difference?

They look the same, but are there any differences?

iPhone teardown battery 1
What Is Planned Obsolescence? How Brands Keep You Buying

Do brands really build hardware they know will break?

Nvidia CUDA Cores vs. Tensor Cores: What's the Difference?

You'll find both on your Nvidia GPU, but what do they do?

An Intel CPU on a motherboard 1
What Is the CPU Ring Ratio and How Does It Affect Overclocking?

When you overclock, you want to make sure you're tuning everything just right.

Picture of CDs overlaid with ISO logo 1
What Is ISO 9660 and What Is It Used For?

Legacy standards are still important, even if the tech they refer to is growing old.

A robot interacting with a futuristic screen with another robot behind it 1
What Is Disruptive Technology? 10 Key Examples

Sometimes technology changes the world.

miniature figure standing on chatgpt smartphone feature 1
A Glossary of AI Jargon: 29 AI Terms You Should Know

Demystify the concepts and jargon needed to understand AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney.