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Security Risks

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github octocat stickers laid across table 1
How to Protect Your Project From GitHub RepoJacking

Apps that use old repository names on GitHub as dependencies might actually be leading users to malware. Here's what you need to know.

Threads logo on black background 1
Is Threads Safe? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, doesn't have a great track record when it comes to privacy, so is Threads private and secure enough to use?

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How to Protect Yourself From These 8 Social Engineering Attacks

What social engineering techniques would a hacker use and how would you protect yourself from them? Let's take a look at some of the most common methods of attack.

sharks in inky black sea 1
Why Sharks Are Serious Cybersecurity Risks (Yes, Sharks)

Let’s dive into the depths of cybersecurity's most unusual threat: sharks. Yes, you read that right.

spying on your smartphone 1
How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped: 7 Warning Signs

How can you tell if your phone is tapped? Can you know who tapped it? Learn the warning signs and what you can do.

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Why Do Antiviruses Have Scanning Exclusions?

You can stop your antivirus suite from scanning certain files and directories, but should you? What are the pros and cons of doing this?

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How Hackers Trick You With Basic Sales Techniques

Retailers use clever selling tactics to tempt you into buying a product or service. But cybercriminals do that too...

Close-up of the Mail app on an iPhone, showing an unread notification, next to other apps 1
The Top 5 Email Spam Filtering Solutions in 2023

Spam isn't just annoying: it can lead to cyberattacks through phishing attempts. How can you combat it? By using the best spam filters.

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5 Ways You Abuse Authorized Access Privileges

Just because you have legitimate access to an account doesn't mean that hackers can't use that privilege to gain access too.

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What Are the Risks of Scambaiting?

Scambaiting involves scamming scammers—and while it can be entertaining to watch, it can be risky and dangerous if done incorrectly.

Screenshot of the Google homepage, with arrow and extension symbol  1
5 Hidden Dangers of Browser Extensions

Browser add-ons can greatly enhance your online experience, but they can also be threats to your security and privacy.

examining artificial intelligence 1
6 Ways to Protect Your Privacy in the Era of AI

Artificial intelligence can pose a major threat to our security and privacy. So how can you protect your personal data from AI?

Photo of a Patient Monitor 1
Cyberattacks on Healthcare: How They Happen and What You Can Do to Protect Your Data

Medical institutions are a big target for hackers. Here's why, and what you can do to help protect your personal data.

Photo of the MSG Sphere with the Moon on Display 1
Hacking the Las Vegas MSG Sphere: Is It Possible?

The world is watching the MSG Sphere on the Las Vegas Strip, but could hackers have their eyes on the giant globe too? How might it be hacked?

smartphone on a table next to a laptop 1
Are Facebook Quizzes a Cybersecurity Risk?

Quizzes on Facebook and other social media sites can seem like harmless fun but may mask a darker intent. How can you spot scam quizzes?

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8 Pros and Cons of a Single Digital ID System

Having one unifying digital ID could help streamline online activities and help inclusion. Or it could have the exact opposite effect.

digital graphic of red virus alert  1
Are Viruses Still a Threat to Cybersecurity?

Malware might have taken over as a main threat to your devices, but do you still need to worry about viruses? Do you need an antivirus suite?

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FOMO: How Scammers Use Fear of Missing Out to Trick You

Limited time offers, peer pressure, and social media storms: it's easy to fall for scams when you cave into the fear of missing out...

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8 Most Common Ways Hackers Exploit Computers

How do cybercriminals actually take your money and data? Here are a few common methods hackers and scammers target you.

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What Is Account Takeover Fraud? How Can You Prevent These Hacks?

Where hackers are concerned, you can't even trust messages from your family and friends. Here's why, and how you can fight back against hacks.