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Baldur's Gate 3 wallpaper with characters displayed on a blue background 1
Baldur's Gate 3: Hardware Requirements, Download Platforms, DLCs, and More

The full version of Baldur's Gate 3 is out on PC, with a console release coming later in 2023 as well as a Mac version. Here's all you need to know.

Nintendo Classic Controller Collection  1
How to Use Classic Nintendo Controllers on Steam

Steam supports a range of controllers including the Nintendo Online classics range. Here's how you can connect and customize these controllers.

The Steam logo over a background with a gaming keyboard and headset with purple lighting  1
What Is Steam Big Picture Mode, and How Do You Use It?

Want to make your way around Steam with a game controller? Well, you'll need to use Big Picture Mode. Here's how.

The Steam logo with a cartoon vector of a bookmark and image icon underneath 1
How to Back Up Your Steam Screenshots

In this article you'll learn how to properly back up your Steam screenshots both to the cloud and locally on your computer.

ASUS ROG Ally closeup 1
ASUS ROG Ally vs. Steam Deck: Which Is Better on Paper?

It's a good—or perhaps promising—time to be a handheld gamer, with the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally ready to enjoy. But, which is better on paper?

Steam on a MacBook Pro screen 1
How to Play Windows Games on an Apple Silicon Mac Using CrossOver

Looking to play Windows titles on your Apple silicon Mac? CrossOver or Parallels might just be for you. Here, we'll discuss using the former.

Steam Deck image 1
The Best Cooling Accessories and Gadgets for the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck runs hot if you play high-performance games over a long time. Pick out any of these accessories to lower its temp and keep it cool.

a gaming PC with Steam on it 1
How to Change Steam’s Default Language

Changing Steam's default language is a quick and convenient skill every Steam user should know. We'll break down a few ways you can do this.

The Steam logo with cartoon vectors of a camera and file on a gray background 1
Where Are Steam Screenshots Saved?

Want to locate that perfect in-game moment you took on Steam? Here's where you can find that photo plus all your other Steam screenshots.

Steam Auth Timeout Error on the Screen of a Laptop Placed on the Table 1
How to Fix the "Steam Auth Timeout" Error in Rust on Windows

Get back into Rust with these Windows-based fixes for the "Steam Auth Timeout" error.

steam logo on abstract background 1
How to Stop Steam From Opening on Startup

Steam can slow your computer down if the desktop client launches on startup. Here's how you disable the option on Windows and Mac.

PC streaming Minecraft to tablet with Steam Link 1
How to Play Xbox Game Pass Games on Steam Link With GlosSI

Steam Link is a great way to remotely play your games. Here's how to play Xbox Game Pass or Microsoft Store games on it as well.

steam deck displaying recent games 1
Which Steam Deck Model Should You Buy?

If you can't decide which version of the Steam Deck to buy, here are the hardware differences and what they mean.

steam logo on a macbook pro 1
How to Find Your Steam ID

Confused about locating your Steam ID? Doing so is simple; just follow these easy steps.

The Steam logo over a background with a gaming keyboard and headset with purple lighting  1
What Are Steam Points? How to Get and Use Them

Did you know you get points on Steam every time you buy a game? Learn what Steam Points are and how to use them.

a steam deck distributed by valve 1
The 9 Best Emulators for the Steam Deck

Turn your Steam Deck into an all-in-one emulation machine with these great emulators.

photo of Steam Deck sitting on desk 1
How to Use Steam Deck Remote Play to Stream Games From Your PC

You can seamlessly play more demanding titles on your Steam Deck via your PC using Remote Play. Here's how.

steam-scam 1
8 Steam Scams to Watch Out For (and How to Avoid Them)

The only downside of Steam is the potential for ne'er-do-wells attempting to scam you be it for games, items, or cold hard cash. Don't fall for their scams!

Steam level 25 and 10 year badge 1
How to Increase Your Steam Profile Level

You can showcase your gaming experience and authority by increasing your Steam profile level. Here's how.

A controller on top of a keyboard 1
10 Ways to Fix Steam Not Detecting Your Controller on Windows

Some PC games play a lot better with a controller over a keyboard and mouse. If Steam refuses to acknowledge your controller, here's how to fix it.